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Afribank excites customers with Carry-go products


Afribank Plc has introduced a new product, ‘Afribank Carry-Go‘.
The product, which is a hybrid banking service , offers customers benefits of both savings and current accounts.

A statement by the bank on Monday outlined the benefits of the product offered to subscribers, which made it more appealing to a wider section of the market.

It said, ”It is specially designed for both low and high net-worth customers, whether in the private or public sector.

”Apart from the traditional features of a savings product, Afribank Carry-Go, gives holders opportunity for third party withdrawal through cheques, accepts cheque and dividend lodgments, access to Internet banking and an interest rate of two per cent per annum.”

It added that other features of the product included “opening balance of N100,000, ATM card, mobile banking services and the use of the balance in the account as collateral for credit facilities in the bank.

The bank stated that it had mapped out strategies to promote savings culture, grow customer businesses and reward customers for their loyalty through the product.


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