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Afribank engages the Diaspora on funds transfer


October 10, 2007



Mr. Chinedu Onyia, Executive Director, Afribank Nigeria Plc, has invited Nigerians, abroad, to get set for MoneyGram services at Afribank which would be embedded with multiple benefits.



The Executive Director, while addressing Nigerians in the United States of America last weekend, stated that MoneyGram at Afribank would be a unique experience for both the remitters and recipients as the Bank has introduced innovations to MoneyGram money transfer operations in Nigeria.


Mr. Onyia, who was in the US on a marketing trip abroad, said that Afribank has put up structures that would enable it offer investment options for the senders and receivers of MoneyGram funds transfer at Afribank. According to him “Afribank is ready to carry out instructions from recipients to purchase shares, invest in real estates, invest in high yield instruments, Afribank target Savings Account, and also pay third parties.


He added that recipients of MoneyGram funds transfer in any of the Afribank’s 250 branches are assured of the most convenient and quick service. “The Bank has set a minimum level of efficiency and turn around time obtainable in all its branches for MoneyGram services. MoneyGram desks would be created in all the branches with a backup facility. A 24-hour customer care line will also be established to ensure that enquiries, monitoring of funds and comments on the Afribank MoneyGram services are attended to promptly while Saturday banking services of the bank will complement the flexibility of MoneyGram in Afribank”, he added.


Recipients of funds through Afribank will also enjoy complementary banking services such as Afribank mobile banking service, Afribank e-courier, e-passport, Afribank private banking and regular availability of forex for recipients among others.


He assured Nigerians that the Bank would offer excellent MoneyGram services through convenience, prompt response, accessibility and solid platform that would make the process of receiving money sent from Afribank a delightful experience.



“We have provided sound structures and personnel that will drive MoneyGram international money transfer market efficiently and excellently. The Bank has installed robust information technology platform, engaged skilled and experienced staff, re-engineered its internal operations and branches for optimum service delivery 24/7”, Mr. Onyia stressed.


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