6 New Features on the i-invest App you Should Know


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Whenever Forbes releases a list of 'Africa's Richest People', the question that lingers in our mind has always been 'How did they do it?'. Having millions of naira in your account seems like an unattainable plan, especially in a gripping economy, which is why people have begun to find sustainable routes to building wealth. One of such methods is investing.


Investing is a long-term and effective way to grow wealth, done by purchasing any asset or instrument to sell it for a price higher than the purchase price. With technology, this process can be done right in the comfort of your home. A product that has succeeded in providing such a solution is the i-invest app.


Since the mobile and web application came into the market, it has stayed true to its promise -providing a platform that allows current and aspiring investors to purchase securities and other related instruments without the aid of a broker. These instruments include Equities, Fixed Deposits, Eurobonds, Treasury bills, and Commercial papers. With time, the app has continued to integrate new features and products that make the experience even better.

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Here are some of the features you should know:

1. Seamless Onboarding

Getting access to the world of best in class investment opportunities, with its new Social sign up option. Users can simply register on the App using the login information from their Google account. This process simplifies the sign-up process. Although this is not new to users, it's great to see apps like the i-invest app prioritising the comfort of its users even in the simplest ways.


2. Real-time tracking

After investing, we often forget to keep track of the performance of the investment, especially since we know it's an amount of money we do not need for immediate use. However, when you have a diverse investment portfolio, ensuring you're in the loop of how each investment is doing is very important, which is why we appreciate the real-time tracking feature on the i-invest app. This means that you can track the performance of your investment portfolio on the go in one safe app.


3. Multiple product mix

When the app launched into the market, it commenced with only one investment instrument - Treasury bills, but after several upgrades, the app boasts of 5 investment instruments - Equities, Fixed Deposit, Eurobonds, Treasury bills, and Commercial papers; all of which can help anyone grow their portfolio. The increment in instruments allows users to diversify their investment portfolio by providing a range of products tailored to meet their risk level.


4. Wallet to wallet transactions

Backed by a financial institution of long-standing repute, the i-invest app can now ensure unrestricted wallet transactions while using the platform. This means that investors can top-up, withdraw 24 hours a day and they can also transfer funds to  family and friends who use the i-invest App. With this new feature, investors can enjoy a more seamless and hitch-free purchase and withdrawal experience.


5. Security

Upgrades come with more responsibilities for the app, meaning that the security feature has to be stiffer than ever. The i-invest team did an excellent job at ensuring there are no loose ends following the app's upgrade. With financial standard security level, end-to-end encryption of financial information and our personal favourite, two-factor authentication (2FA) protection, what more can any user hope for? This means that investors are rest assured that their money and investments are safe and secure.


6. Industry news

Staying up to date with current happenings in the investment space can be time-consuming, especially when one has to keep searching for credible platforms for updates. In the latest upgrade of the i-invest app, real-time updates on market trends are carefully detailed so investors can stay ahead of financial trends to make more informed financial decisions.


These subtle features on the app set it apart from many investment apps. So, if you are considering starting your investment journey, i-invest is an excellent place to start. You can download the app on the App Store or Google Play Store or visit i-investng.com for more information.


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 Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

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