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Nigerian Energy Sector Report – BGL


 February 3, 2012

The in progress power sector reform which followed the far-reaching transformations witnessed by sectors such as financial services and aviation after their various reforms  is critical to the sustenance of the political & economic system of Nigeria and the realisation of the country’s economic growth ambitions.

The power sector reform is expected to be the facilitation of economic development by creating reliable and affordable electricity supply to power industries and small businesses. Increased electrification in schools, health institutions, and other community buildings can improve local education and health care, as well as connect people within and between communities since these buildings sometimes serve as the main power source for many poor people.

This report hereby examines the inherent challenges, massive potentials as well as enormous opportunities which are with considerable implications that must be carefully examined in order to see the reforms through.

Source: BGL


Nigerian Energy Sector Report 1: Inherent challenges, massive potentials

Nigerian Energy Sector Report 2: Enormous opportunities but with considerable implications

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