A new Africa energy world: A more positive power utilities outlook


Tuesday, August 18, 2015 4:40pm / PriceWaterhouseCoopers

This is the first edition of the PwC Africa Power & Utilities Sector Survey. The survey goes to the heart of boardroom thinking in utility companies and other sector stakeholders across the continent. It supplements our Global Power & Utilities Survey with a deeper dive into the African power utility sector.

We look ahead to the future world of electricity in Africa as well as taking a hard look also at the key challenges the power sector faces today. The changes that lie ahead are of great potential significance. New technologies, unforeseen possibilities, different ways of generating, distributing, storing and using electricity will all play their part. But equally important and more urgent is how the companies in the sector, governments and policymakers address the many pressing challenges that constrain existing power systems. The investment requirement is substantial. The road of market reform remains long. And the scope for improvement within power companies themselves is significant.

In this survey report, we look at these and other issues. There is much that we can be optimistic about and the results point the way to improvements ahead. But the development of effective policy frameworks and the attraction of adequate investment continue to be the number one priorities.

Until they are resolved, power systems will remain on a knife edge.

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