The Nigerian Military and the Fangs of Boko Haram

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Monday, July 14, 2014 4.49 AM / By Dr. Martin Oluba*

Since the commencement of Boko Haram’s insurgency, a fundamental concern of many Nigerians has been about the capacity of the Nigerian armed forces to contain the terrorists in good time.

Containment in good time remains of very high importance because the earlier the mobilization, regrouping and reinforcement capabilities of the group are dealt with, the sooner the war also becomes over. Anything short of ‘timely’ containment can only goad the enhanced savagery of the group.

It is now five years since the first major unveiling of the terrorist organization. Since then, the brutality of the group’s actions as well as the spread of its activities and the number of insurgents involved in their operations show very clearly that the group is not only growing rapidly but relatively unabated too.

On several occasions, they have daringly and successfully attacked military bases and facilities. They have also in recent times severally attacked the federal capital territory: the supposed epicentre of power both political and military without much success in subjugating and deterrent counter offensives.

With these seeming successes, on the side of the terrorists the possibility of these actions spreading across the rest of the country may be higher than many people earlier surmised. Here is where the question becomes even more demanding of answers.


Such questions are: do we still have a capable military? Does our military have what it really requires to maintain our territorial integrity by containing this murderous rebellion within good time?

The paragraphs below attempt to use bits and pieces of data gleaned from various sources to enable the reader answer those questions by him/herself.


*Martin Oluba N., Ph.D, DBA; Founder/Chief Possibility Officer; ValueFronteira Limited and can be reached vide



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