Opeyemi Agbaje Declares for Ogun State Governorship Race Under SDP

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Friday, July 06, 2018     10.25AM  / EcoPolitics         


Mr. Opeyemi Agbaje, CEO of RTC Advisory Services, policy and strategy consultant and founder The Opeyemi Agbaje Institute, has declared his intention to seek the nomination of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) to contest the governorship of Ogun State in 2019.


At a ceremony at the SDP party secretariat in Abeokuta on Monday, 2nd July, 2018, Mr. Agbaje informed the State Executive Council and Steering Committee members of his intention and solicited their cooperation and support.


Mr Opeyemi Agbaje informed his audience of his vision of transforming Ogun State into “a developed, first world region with human capital, quality of life, infrastructure, economic development, institutions and governance standards comparable to leading regions in developed countries” by 2035 and stressed that he was pursuing the SDP ticket “to fulfil an innermost passion for development, emancipation ... and good governance”.


Mr. Agbaje has already visited 15 out of 20 LGs in Ogun State and would soon release his blueprint for transformation of Ogun State once the LG tours are completed.


Mr. Agbaje was received by Mr Bayo Adenekan, State Steering Committee Chairman; Omoluabi Kunle Majekodunmi, State Exco Chairman and Mr Leke Mabinuori, national assistant secretary of the SDP.

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Address by Mr Opeyemi Agbaje to the State Executive Council and Steering Committees of Social Democratic Party (SDP) Ogun State in Abeokuta on Monday July 2, 2018.



It is a great pleasure and privilege to address you distinguished ladies and gentlemen in the State Executive Council and Steering Committee of the Ogun State SDP this Morning.


I had the opportunity of witnessing the inauguration of the steering committee here in Abeokuta on Wednesday June 6, 2018. I have also interacted with members of the State Exco and Steering Committee and I am happy to note that both bodies are composed of persons with the profile and capability to steer this party towards our desired goal.


I am glad to associate with the SDP and I undertake to contribute towards building a formidable SDP in Ogun State. I think between 06/06/18 and today 2/7/18, a period of just over three (3) weeks we have done so much to re-invigorate the party in this state. In that short period, we have introduced ourselves to LG party leaders in the three Senatorial zones and starting our visits to the local governments with an exhaustive visit to Ipokia on June 28, 2018.


It is fitting that before we proceed further, we have this “introduction” and consultation with the state leadership of the party.



I believe I should not presume that everyone here is conversant with me, so I would start with a short self-introduction.


I am Opeyemi Olukayode Agbaje, a 53 year old lawyer, Consultant, Newspaper Columnist, former business school lecturer and one-time Head of Department of Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Business Environment (and now adjunct faculty) at the Lagos Business School and founder/CEO of The Opeyemi Agbaje Institute Ltd/Gte.


I earn a living as CEO, RTC Advisory Services Limited a strategy, economy and policy consultancy which I founded in 2004 and which I have managed since then. I am a director on the board of CAP Plc and Trustee of the Lagos State Security Trust Fund (LSSTF) since 2011. I founded RTC Advisory after resigning from the banking sector as Executive Director at Metropolitan Bank; after a 16-year banking career in which I started as an officer in First Bank in 1989; spent almost a decade as founding staff of GTBank leaving in 1999 as AGM in Institutional (Corporate) Banking; and had vast experience across consumer, commercial and corporate banking. I have written the “Economy, Polity, Society” column in Businessday Nigeria since 2006; and I am a member of the Strategic Management Society, USA on which I serve as Representative-at-Large of the Strategy Practice Interest Group.


I have degrees in Law and Business from University of Ife (LLB Hons.), University of Lagos (LLM), IESE Business School, Spain (MBA) and I was called to the Nigerian Bar in 1986 after studying at the Nigerian Law School. I practised law briefly in the DPP’s office in Benin, then Bendel State and with Kola Awodein & Co, SAN in Lagos before going into the banking sector.


I was born in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State to Mr S. B and Mrs M.O Agbaje of Ofin and Makun, Sagamu respectively both teachers, and I have lived in Ijebu-Ode, Sagamu and Lagos, where I’ve worked over the course of my career.


In public/social/community life, I have been President, ICOBA (Igbobi College Old Boys Association) 1976-81/83 for three terms; President of LBS EMBA 1 Alumni class; Secretary-General, Sagamites Club of Sagamu; member Afenifere, NG, Omoluabi and I currently serve as Secretary of Yoruba Summit Group (YSG) Strategy and Tactics Committee. I played a significant role in preparing the DAWN document, especially the economic and policy aspects thereof and worked very closely on policy and strategy with two state governments, Lagos and Rivers between 2007 and 2014. I am a passionate believer in social democracy, federalism, Homeland Security and the intellectual, policy and political legacy of the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo.



In 2014 I incorporated the Opeyemi Agbaje Institute Ltd/Gte as a vehicle for our structured interventions in policy, strategy and leadership; and in 2016/2017 we decided on a concerted focus on Ogun State and conceived our Project Oseese.


Oseese, apart from the philosophical meaning signifying limitless opportunities for substantive transformation of Ogun State (It is possible!!!) stands for Ogun State Economic Enablement and Social Emancipation Project. It is predicated on our Ogun state Vision 2035 which envisages the state as:-

“...a developed, first-world region with human capital, quality of life, infrastructure, economic development, institutions and governance standards comparable to leading regions in developed countries”


It is an ambitious vision, but we believe with Knowledge, Inclusiveness, Action, Commitment and a focus on Development (KIACD – the values of The Opeyemi Agbaje Institute) rather than just politics, office and selfish monetary accumulation, we can do it! It is possible!! OSEESE!!!


Project Oseese has a Citizen Engagement and Survey Project (CESP) component which we call Kilo J’Ogun Logun in order that we can consult, engage, mobilise and obtain the input of our people at the grassroots. In pursuance of Kilo J’Ogun Logun, we have already visited 15 LGs – Abeokuta South, Abeokuta North, Odeda, Ifo, Obafemi-Owode and Ewekoro (Central); Yewa South, Yewa North, Ado-Odo/Ota, Imeko-Afon and Ipokia (West) and Ijebu-Ode, Odogbolu, Ijebu East and Ogun Waterside (East). We have only five (5) Outstanding LGs - Ijebu North and Ijebu North-East as well as the three LGs in Remo, which we will complete in short course.


Our overall objective is to ascertain at a personal and intimate level, the geography, resources, problems and challenges, and developmental priorities of the state from the grassroots up AND produce a blueprint for development and transformation of our dear state. Our work in this regard is very well advanced.



We have resolved to pursue our vision for the transformation of Ogun State on the platform of the Social Democratic Party (SDP). To this end I have decided to become a member of the party; join hands with its members and leaders to strengthen its structures and support base; and use the platform of the party to galvanise our people to vote for progress, development and transformation in the general elections of 2019. To this end I propose to seek and obtain the nomination of the SDP to contest the governorship election in 2019.


I ask-humbly, respectfully and without presumption for your co-operation and support. I do not seek this position for self-aggrandizement but to fulfil an innermost passion for development, emancipation of our people and good governance. I do this out of compassion for our suffering masses and out of the conviction that what we seek to do has been done in other places and it can be done in our state too! Again I say it is possible!! Oseese!!!



We intend to join hands with all tiers of the party structure and membership in order to realise this goal. We also plan to provide support for the party.


We are considering various levels of support:-

·     As a token and a starting point, we will provide today a small donation of N150,000.00 to fund the handbook registers for the three (3) senatorial zones for the imminent registration of members


·    We are considering a donation of N20,000.00 per LG (totalling N400,000.00) to fund printing and production of flex displays/flags to ensure better visibility for our LG/ward offices across the state. This will also assist the membership registration process. We will as the electoral calendar evolves consider further actions to provide effective LG and ward offices for our party across the state.


·    We plan to commence support for LG party meetings on a weekly basis to the tune of N5,000.00 per LG translating to N100,000.00 weekly and N400,000.00 monthly.


·    We are also evaluating the degree and possible approaches for supporting membership registration during the new members registration exercise.


·   Finally we plan to sponsor an audio campaign ahead of, and contemporaneously with the new members’ registration, to run on social media and/or radio to which we will commit funding as necessary and available.


These are interim commitments and will be reviewed and enhanced after the party primaries.


We thank you for accommodating us in the SDP in Ogun State and assure you of our strong and unrelenting commitment to victory in 2019.  SDP! Progress!! 


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Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd. 

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