OpenNASS - Senate and House of Reps Allocated N118.97m and N142.76m Respectively in 2017 Budget

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Thursday, May 11, 2017 6:40 PM /News 

The House of Representatives today passed the fiscal budget for the year 2017 concurrently passing the legislative budget for 2017. The passage of the budget document by the house of representative is coming on the heel of earlier adoption by the appropriation committee. The total allocation adopted in the budget document for the Senate and House of Representatives stood at N118,970,215 and N142,764,258 respectively.  

Holistically, the total amount appropriated to the legislative arm in the 2017 budget document stood at N261,734,473.  

The amount of N25,339,572 and N31,444,175 was appropriated for travelling and transport expenses, which are meant to be expended by both the Senate and House of Representatives.  

The amount provided for sitting allowances and honorarium for the Senate and House of Representatives stood at N24,23,2712 and N35,998,170. Meals and refreshment is expected to gulp a total amount of N14,417,492 and N16,748,428 in the Senate and House of Representatives individually. The upper and lower houses are expected to spend N15, 012,404 and N11,889,482 on information technology consulting in 2017.  

The budget document appropriated the amount of N24,081,758 and N22,453,746 on office stationeries for the Senate and House of Representatives and lastly the sum of N1,302,208 and N1,349,169 will be spent on newspapers by the Senate and House of Representatives in the 2017 fiscal budget.     

The publication of the line items of the national assembly budget is in line with the promise made by the Senate President Dr Bukola Saraki to run an #OpenNASS and operate  a transparent system    

Click Here to Download NASS 2017 Budget  

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