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Managing Governance by Managing Presidential Communication


Friday, September 16, 2016 9.10AM / Bolaji Okusaga  

This presentation is a personal attempt to address a glaring problem in governance – the absence of a central communications architecture (cencomm) in governments engagements with stakeholders; creating a misalignment of message and action. 

In the presentation shared here, the author seeks to demonstrate the following: 

I wonder why we have continued to retain the Ministry of Information under a Presidential system of government? For clarity, the Information Ministry is a vestige of the Parliamentary system. Under the Presidential system, all powers devolve from the Presidency and as such, Information and Communication should be centrally coordinated with the President and Ministers primed and prepared as spokespersons. Rather than have a Ministry of Information and Culture, what we should have is a Ministry of Culture and National Orientation, while information and Communication are warehoused in the Presidency and a structure similar to what you have in the American State Department be adopted.

In the attached paper, I have tried to show how to make it work. Truth be told, Presidential Communication is bigger than the way it is currently done - for how can you have a Planning Structure (National Planning Commission) under the Presidency without a proper structure for Information and Communication? How do you feed through the actions of government, process responses and prepare reactions? That certainly cannot be the work of two Special Advisers acting without a structure. Here is my humble take.

Kindly download presentation HERE  

Comments and perspectives can be shared with the author, Bolaji Okusaga, Managing Director, The Quadrant Company by e-mail:  

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