African Presidents - Time Spent in Office and Global Indexes

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Friday, May 19, 2017 06.57PM / Economic Research Unit / James  

Data on current serving African Presidents reveals that Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is the oldest serving President at the age of Ninety-three (93) while the youngest President is Faure Gnassingbe of Togo who is forty-five (45) years of age. The average age of fifty-three (53) African Presidents is put at Sixty-Five (65) years. 

Angola President, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, is the longest serving President having served for thirty-eight  (38) years while President Saadeddine Othmani of Morocco who resumed office a month ago has spent the least time in office. The average time spent in office by the 53 African Presidents is put at 9 years. 

For the Global ranking on ease of doing business, Mauritius ranked 49th position has the highest ranking in Africa. Somali which is ranked 190th position globally is the least among the African countries. Nigeria is ranked 169th position globally and 41st among the 54 African countries. The average ranking of the ease of doing business global index for the 54 African countries is 141. 

On Transparency International Global ranking, Botswana which is ranked 38th position is the highest in Africa while Somalia ranked 176th position is the least among the African countries. Nigeria is ranked 136th position globally and 32nd among the 54 African countries. The average global transparency international ranking is put at 111.  

The Transparency International did not rate Equatoial Guinea, Seychelles and Swaziland.    


Source: Wikipedia, World Bank, Transparency International 


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