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Tribute to Osaze Osifo – Soon Death Comes to us All

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 March 06, 2012



Seize the moment as death becomes us all


Osaze Osifo’s sudden death has struck a deep chord within me, not least because we were contemporaries (though he was two years older) but by the suddenness of it. I still recall our meeting in November 2011, our conference call in January and his email of 20 February. His passing away confirms, yet again, that today is what we have and no one is owed tomorrow.

I wasn’t a close friend of Osaze as our relationship was a professional one but I was really bowled over by his intelligence, can-do attitude, drive, passion, energy, ambition for FBN Capital and enthusiasm.  How could someone so small exude so much energy and drive!  

I first met him last year at the Businessday conference on the Nigerian Capital Market where he was a keynote speaker. His speech, true to type, was direct and forthright. He pulled no punches and questioned the fact of whether the Nigerian Capital Market ever led (the conference title was can the Nigerian Capital Market lead again). However, his speech also showed and explained how the Nigerian Capital Market could regain (assume) its leadership position in Africa.

Osaze’s death, like Tayo Aderinokun’s has robbed Nigeria’s financial services industry of a leading light, a reformer, a thinker and a doer. Nigeria’s Post Independence generation i.e. those born in the 1960s has also lost a role model. He showed that my generation of Nigerians, given the chance could transform Nigeria into a world-class economy.

His death once again proves that it is not the length of time that we spend on earth that counts but how well we spend the time we have.  Like the good servant in the parable of the talents, Osaze doubled, no, tripled the talents that were given to him by God.  

Like Tayo Aderinokun and Steve Jobs, Osaze has left his mark on this earth and those of us left behind must strive to make our own mark in the different areas of our life. We must seize the moment and make every minute count, as Today and Now is all that we have!

Osaze, as you commence your journey, I pray that God will comfort and watch over your parents, wife and children and colleagues at FBN Capital at this difficult time.  Be rest assured that Kayode, Taiwo, Michael and Irene will complete the work at FBN Capital to an even higher standard of excellence.

Rest in Perfect Peace.


Yemi Johnson – Managing Director, OpenSpaces Compliance Consultants Limited.


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