The Scandalous Cut-Off Marks for Unity Schools - FEDERAL CHARACTER in Nigeria

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


The 2013 National Common Entrance Examination Cut-Off Marks released (State-by-State) today makes quite an interesting reading; as well as offering a holistic insight into the subject of ‘federal character’ in the country.


The release from the Federal Ministry of Education offers a crash course in the absurdity of the continued use of the FEDERAL CHARACTER principle and to a larger extent, provides a compelling argument in support of those who consider this principle a ‘celebration of mediocrity’. Parents were advised to check the results of their wards which have been posted on notice boards of all Unity Colleges throughout the Federation.

The published cut-off marks on a state-by-state basis of the just concluded 2013 National Common Entrance Examination for admission processes into Federal Unity Colleges nation-wide is without doubt a national embarrassment.


The notification that pupils who “scored above the cut-off marks based on their state of origin are eligible for admission on merit” does little to eliminate the concerns about the quality of education in the federation and the gap that currently exist.

All marks out of 200 – for admission into Nigeria’s Unity School.

Abia – Male(130) Female(130)
Adamawa – Male(62) Female(62)
Akwa-Ibom – Male(123) Female(123)
Anambra – Male(139) Female(139)
Bauchi – Male(35) Female(35)
Bayelsa – Male(72) Female(72)
Benue – Male(111) Female(111)
Borno – Male(45) Female(45)
Cross-Rivers – Male(97) Female(97)
Delta – Male(131) Female(131)
Ebonyi – Male(112) Female(112)
Edo – Male(127) Female(127)
Ekiti – Male(119) Female(119)
Enugu – Male(134) Female(134)
Gombe – Male(58) Female(58)
Imo – Male(138) Female(138)
Jigawa – Male(44) Female(44)
Kaduna – Male(91) Female (91)
Kano – Male(67) Female(67)
Kastina – Male(60) Female(60)
Kebbi – Male(9) Female(20)
Kogi – Male(119) Female(119)
Kwara – Male(123) Female(123)
Lagos – Male(133) Female(133)
Nassarawa – Male(58) Female(58)
Niger – Male(93) Female(93)
Ogun – Male(131) Female(131)
Ondo – Male(126) Female(126)
Osun – Male(127) Female(127)
Oyo – Male(127) Female(127)
Plateau – Male(97) Female(97)
Rivers – Male(118) Female(118)
Sokoto – Male(9) Female(13)
Taraba – Male(3) Female(11)
Yobe – Male(2) Female(27)
Zamfara – Male(4) Female(2)
FCT Abuja – Male(90) Female(90)


A cursory review of the data above will indicate that, a candidate from states such as Yobe, Zamfara, Taraba, Sokoto, Kebbi, Jigawa, Kano, Kaduna, Niger, Borno, Bayelsa, Adamawa, Bauchi, Gombe  and FCT Abuja will be admitted on "MERIT".

We can do better than this.

We can actually acknowledge that the gap between the component states within the federation continues to widen year-on-year; and therefore take direct steps to address issues related to culture, values, schools, teachers, curricula and skills development; not the promotion of stereotypes and ultimately, mediocrity.


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