Skye Bank Plc Announces the Resignation of Some Executive Directors

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Monday, February 06, 2017 9:02 AM / NSE

Skye Bank has announced the voluntary resignation of some of its Executive Directors from the services of the Bank.

The Directors who resigned are Mr. Idris Yakubu, Mrs. Markie Idowu, Mrs. Abimbola Izu and Mr. Bayo Sanni.

The Directors had served in Executive Management capacity for nearly two years and had been part of the new Board of the Bank which came into being following the intervention of the Central Bank of Nigeria on July 4 2016.

The Group Managing Director of the Bank, Mr. Tokunbo Abiru thanked the Executive Directors for their service to the Bank, noting that they had contributed immensely to the successful leadership transition which commenced last year.

The Bank has also announced that the new development does not in any way affect the smooth running of the Bank as it continues to deliver services to its customers across the country. The portfolios of the Directors have been assigned to some General Managers to ensure a seamless transition.

Skye Bank is one of the eight Banks described by the CBN as a Systematically Important Bank (SIB) on account of its size, market share and interconnectedness.

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