Lessons At 40: Women, Family and Economy in Nigeria

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Wednesday, December 11, 2018 10.00AM / Nifemi Taiyese, Proshare WebTV

The age of 40 is significant in the life of an individual, as it marks a season of clarity and purpose, as well as the direction on what should be the priority and focus in family, career, ministry and business.

An interesting part is the ability to write the experience of the journey to the age, in a book that people can read and learn from. 

Recently Funke Medun a business development expert and Joke Aliu a Lawyer clocked the age of 40 this year, and in an unusual manner partnered to write the book “40 lessons on the journey to 40”.It captured their experiences, challenges, achievements and setbacks which will be a lesson for readers. 

On Sunday December 9th, 2018 friends and associates of FunkeMedun and Joke Aliu gathered to mark the launch of the book  “Lessons at 40” at RaddisonBlu Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos. 

Giving the opening remarks on behalf of the Chairman of Access Bank  Mrs Mosun Belo-Olusoga, the Deputy Managing Director of the bank Mr Roosevelt Ogbonna said the  book is not just for young people approaching 40, or neither is it a book for women only. 

He believed it was a compendium of the wisdom and lessons learnt from the experiences of the co-authors. 

“For some it can be the road map to help avoid pitfalls, for others it can be a pit stop for refreshing and reminiscing before continuing the journey of life. 

It brings immense benefit to a diverse group of readers. Life they say begins at 40” Mrs Olusoga said 

The Chairman of Access Bank speaking through the DMD said   “In interacting with these ladies and going through their thoughts in the book. I have come to the realization that 40 isn’t just a number, it is that moment when you boldly decide to take charge of whatever life throws at you and live well”. 

In this article we will look at three areas this book speaks to society, taking it from the context of women, family and the economy.


Some of the reviewers like Bunmi Afolabi, DG Nigeria-British Chamber of Commerce and Bisi Adeyemi CEO of DCSL services notable women in the country, commended Joke and Funke for the book as it will serve as an inspiration to women. 

The society we live in today should have more female role models, that girls look up to and see themselves becoming, and this is not to portray the traditional woman that existed several years ago whose only involvement was the role she played in home affairs. But should be more involving to include active participation in family, career, ministry and business. 

The CEO of Proshare Nigeria Limited described them as role models that society needs now, because they are women who are making great impact in the Nigerian society.

Mr Olufemi Awoyemi said the book was the product of hardwork and courage  on the path of the co-authors, who serve as examples of women that are living exemplary and decent lives.According to him “Women should always serve as an inspiration to one another for the greater good of the society”. 

Joke Aliu the Co-author made reference to the then U.S First Lady Michelle Obama who made the list of Forbes top 10 most powerful women for over 4 years and even moved into the position of the top spot in 2010 which had been occupied by German Chancellor Angela Merkel since 2006. 

Quoting Michelle, Joke said the lessons we learn from our experience help us in shaping who we become today, as we keep evolving.



Kayode Akintemi the CEO of Plus TV Africa in his review of the book acknowledged the leadership role and responsibilities displayed by Funke and Joke in their families, which is an important component of the society. 

Funke as the first child in her family has been an inspiration and an encouragement to her siblings, while Joke also shared how she has been able to balance her role as a wife and career woman in the book. 

There are great lessons for readers that are family people, particularly in the area of personal development, emphasizing that while investing in others, time should be created for self-development.



The decision made by the co-authors to give proceeds of the book to physically challenged entrepreneurs, showed a sense of national consciousness and their commitment to economic empowerment. This is to inspire them to make meaningful contribution to the nation, and drive economic activities. 

The book will contribute to the knowledge economy, as it will improve the reading and learning culture, that will boost productivity and national development.

From the book it is clear that leadership is vital for the advancement of any society, especially in the transformation of the economy. 

In addition to committing to a cause, the co-authors also decided to use some of the proceeds from the book launch to assist indigent children who are out of school and take them back to continue their education. This will go a long way to address the issues of “Out of school children”, which is a major concern in the country. 

Speaking further on this Funke Medun  recalled having a conversation with her friend concerning the physically challenged entrepreneurs and Indigent Children, and wondered if there are some funds being allocated to this cause by the Central Bank of Nigeria to support them. 

To support the physically challenged entrepreneurs and Indigent children  which is the major goal of the book “40 Lessons on the Journey to 40” pay into Funke and Olujoke Access Bank 0775680360


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Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

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