Eghes Eyieyien, CEO Pharez to run for Senate in 2015

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Sunday, February 24, 2013 11.39 AM / Politics


Egheomhanre Emmanuel Eyieyien, better known in professional circles as “Eghes Eyieyien”, CEO of Pharez and an esteemed risk and supervision expert with an unblemished record of service and value creation in the financial market over two decades has announced this weekend that he would be opting for politics with an eye on the senate in 2015.


Making this much anticipated announcement, Eghes affirmed that “I believe the Legislature is the Bedrock of Democracy and provides an untapped opportunity to make a positive difference through people-centric legislation and effective oversight of the Executive arm of government which will engender the rule of law, prosperity, equity, justice, progress, peace and true national unity”.


Going further, he added that “but the enterprising, vibrant, intelligent, resourceful and good-natured people of Edo Central Senatorial District (who are Esan) have not been well represented in the Senate since 1999. This is unfair and a disservice to my people.  Consequently, by God's Grace, I shall be presenting myself to my people in Edo Central Senatorial District for election into the Senate in 2015.”


Find Below his statement of Intent:


“My campaign will be based on issues with emphasis on economic development, empowerment of the people through education and economic opportunities, accountability and integrity in governance (zero-tolerance for corruption). We need a New Way of Politics in Edo State and Nigeria. Sitting in the shadows and lamenting from the flanks will not bring the change we all yearn for.


Most people worry about people they perceive as "good" going into politics because of the lure of money. And, indeed, many have fallen and joined the plunderers of our nation. By God's Grace, I overcame the Money Trap a very long time ago. Money does not motivate me. It is merely a tool for good. Mammon has no hold on me. This for me is about service; selfless service unto God and the people. And there is Grace for this race.


I preferred platform is the Labour Party (LP). However, I am a pragmatic person and I know that much can happen between now and 2015 such that contesting as a candidate of another party may be more viable.


But, in reality, there is no ideological difference between even the Labour Party and PDP or ACN (APC). The parties are still evolving and are mere platforms to vie for elective office at this stage of our political development. I chose Labour Party because the godfather syndrome is not as manifest in it as is the case in PDP and ACN (APC), the leading parties in Edo State. In fact, Labour Party is barely on the ground in Edo State at this time. So I am very conscious that much work is required.


Another challenge which I am mindful of is my need to engage more intimately in this next two years with my people in Esanland (who are the constituents of Edo Central) especially since I have been resident in Lagos since 1974. "Credentials" and good intentions do not win elections in Nigeria. But I am persuaded that success is achievable and I will be counting on the prayers and financial support (YES, MONEY!!) of all who believe I can make a positive difference as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


I will release my Manifesto soon, start a Twitter Campaign handle, a Campaign Website, a Campaign Office in Uromi and, of course, a Campaign Bank Account. My strategy is to raise funding from friends, associates and supporters even if they can only give as little as N100 (One hundred Naira only)! This is a Peoples’ Campaign which will look only to GOD and not to any "godfather"! I hope I can count on your prayers, counsel and financial support as the Lord would enable you”


Eghes can be reached on:


 Facebook Campaign Page  

 E-mail -

 Blog – eghes and egheomhanre

 Mobile - 00234 803 301 8423


Profile of Egheomhanre Emmanuel Eyieyien

Egheomhanre Emmanuel Eyieyien was born on 29th April, 1967, in Uromi, Edo State, to late Deacon Fidelis Ewaleifo Eyieyien of Egbele, Uromi, and Mrs Martha Eroboman Eyieyien (nee Ogbodaga) of Arrue, Uromi. He is the Group Chief Executive Officer of Pharez Limited which has subsidiary companies involved in Ratings, Business Consulting, Human Capital Development and Training, and Investments.


He had his primary education in Government School, Uromi, (1972-1974) and St. Patrick's Primary School, Yaba, Lagos (1974-1978). He attended King’s College, Lagos, from 1978 to 1983 and read Accounting at the University of Benin from 1983 to 1987.


Eyieyien did the National Youth Service in 1987/1988 and his place of Primary Assignment was the Lagos State Ministry of Finance, Alausa, Ikeja, but was seconded to the Accounts Department of the Lagos High Court, Igbosere, Lagos. He qualified as an Associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) in May, 1989, and became a Fellow of ICAN in 2000. He is also an Associate Member of the Nigeria Institute of Management. He joined the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC) as a pioneer staff in August, 1989, as an Assistant Bank Examiner (equivalent of an Assistant Manager) and served for eight years resigning in October, 1997, as a Senior Bank Examiner (equivalent of a Senior Manager) to establish Pharez Limited in January, 1998.


Mr. Eyieyien has extensive experience in bank examination, operations, restructuring and failure resolution having led various assignments covering several financial institutions. He acquired international exposure through a work-study attachment with the Division of Resolution of the United States’ Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), and served as the Executive Director, Operations and Corporate Services, on the Management Board of Merchant Bank for Africa (Nig.) Ltd. on appointment by the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation between September, 1995 and August, 1997. While at NDIC, Mr. Eyieyien won the Corporation’s formal recognition for outstanding performance as a “High Flyer” in 1996. Between October, 2005, and February, 2006, Mr. Eyieyien took a leave of absence from Pharez to serve as the Executive Director, Operations and Retail Banking, on the Interim Board of Allstates Trust Bank Plc as an appointee of the Central Bank of Nigeria.


He is a Fellow of the Aspen Institute’s Africa Leadership Initiative West Africa (ALIWA) and was recognised by Financial Standard Newspapers among its Top 50 Nigerian Corporate Achievers in 2003 and by Thisday Newspapers as one of its I-Pod Generation 40 Young Nigerian Achievers in 2005.


Eyieyien is the Initiator and Coordinator of Stand Against Corruption and Kleptocrats! (SACK!), a people-driven anti-corruption campaign which was launched in Lagos in October, 2011. He is a Public Affairs Commentator, Public Policy and Social Analyst, Speaker and Writer. He is a regular Guest Analyst on several radio and television programmes in Nigeria focused on Banking and Finance, the Economy, Politics and sundry issues in the Society. His articles on topical issues are well published in the print media and are available on his blog.


He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria's Sub-Committee on Strategy, Research and Advocacy and a Volunteer Business Mentor of Fate Foundation.


An ordained Pastor, Egheomhanre Eyieyien ministers in the office of a Teacher/Prophet and is an Apostle in the Market Place. He is passionate about national transformation and is committed to playing his part in the renaissance of Nigeria and Africa in righteousness and with integrity and excellence. He is happily married to Awesiri Nwaji Eyieyien (since 5th September, 1992) and they are blessed with a son, Omoseona Isaiah Eghes-Eyieyien. 

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