Career Opportunity: Financial Analyst, Economic Analyst and Subscription Officer

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Monday, January 30, 2017   07:00 PM / Service Excellence

Proshare NG seeks to recruit dedicated staffs as Financial Analyst, Economic Analyst & Subscription Officer in its Research & Analyst Unit.  

The positions are challenging for dedicated professionals seeking to excel in their chosen career and as well in a professional environment. 

The various job details are specified below:  

The deliverables/requirements for a Financial Analyst among other functions include but not limited to:

1.      Financial analyst 


1.       Coverage and professional reporting of the Equities market, bond market, NASD OTC and money market.

2.      Writing of equity reports on quoted companies listed on NSE platform

3.      Market commentary on major movements recorded in the market.

4.      Comprehensive Reports reflecting new market regulations/change in policies

5.      Stock Recommendations with detailed Financial Ratio Analysis and Valuations

6.      Portfolio Analysis and Recommendations

7.      Comprehensive Reviews of key financial market regulators (SEC, NSE, CBN) and their top executives stay in office.

8.     Personal Finance Reports

9.      Articles on selected topics as requested by the CEO and/or COO 

2.     Economic Analyst  


1.  Discerns potential outcomes of economic or financial decisions made by government executives or legislators.

2. Perform research and gather data for microeconomic analysis, usually about a specific industry. 

3. Conduct data-backed research, prepare reports, and formulate plans to address economic problems related to the production and distribution of goods and services or monetary and fiscal policy 

4.      Come up with economic commentaries at the end of every MPC meeting.

5.      Prepare economic related reports and presentations as requested by the CEO and COO.

6.     Study the socioeconomic impacts of new public policies, such as proposed legislation, taxes, services, and regulations and come up with a position and impact report

7.     Conduct data-backed research on economic issues and disseminate findings in an article for publication on the company’s website.

8.  Executing specific work the management directs him/her to do in order to achieve company’s goals and objectives.

9.  You may be required to document presentations and economic related reports for the company.

10.  Your job responsibilities also include helping the company to reach and achieve corporate aims.

3.     Data/Subscription Officer


1.       Data Management offline and online

2.      Data Analysis and Interpretation

3.      Writing of Daily Market Report

4.      Market commentary on stock prices changes

5.      Preparation and loading of results in the backend

6.      Updating of market information etc dividends, bonuses, EGMsAGMs, board meetings.

7.      Update of Economic data, Global and African Indices, Commodities etc

8.     Global and African Index Collation

9.      Economic Data collation

10.  Updating of NSE Index, Sectoral Indices, ETFs and Commodities

11.   Preparation of NSE Results in excel and Loading online.

12.  Formatting of notices from NSE, SEC and CBN

13.  Handling and development of contents for Text Services  

Qualifications required to work in Proshare Research unit are

·         Good interpersonal relations

·         Good Knowledge of the capital market, money market and the economy

·         A first degree

·         Excellent communication skills (written and oral)

·         Proficiency in IT/Computer awareness, usage and application

·         Ability to pay attention to details

·         Ability to work efficiently with little or no supervision

·         Ability to respond promptly to enquiries regarding capital market activities

·         Commitment to the Job 

Send CV’s and application to and copy  

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