6 Tips That Will Help You Make Friends With Coworkers at Work


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For some people, it can be difficult to build friendships with people, especially with coworkers since they are not very social. However, we have gathered a list of some tips that will help you to build meaningful friendships with your coworkers around the office:


1. Attend Team Outings

Attending team outings and gatherings is a good way by which you can make friends at your job. Different departments in a company often schedule regular team-building outings and get-togethers such as team dinners, team lunches, birthday parties, etc that can help the employees to get to know each other. 


The expenses are either paid by the company itself or a contribution from all the members of the department. So, attending such outings and gatherings can help you get introduced to all the members of the company or department. Plus, you will be able to see all your coworkers outside the work environment and have striking conversations on different topics that will help you to get to know them and build bonds with them.


2. Arrange Social Events

Apart from attending the gatherings and events hosted by your colleagues, you should also try to arrange social events for your coworkers. For example, if your birthday is coming up in the next week then you can ask all of your coworkers to join you in the celebration or if there is a social event happening such as a concert or a sports match then ask your coworkers to join you. 


By inviting your colleagues to social events, you will get to know them and find out how social they are. Since there can be many employees in your company, you can try to keep everything within budget and focus more on socializing. You can also try to arrange a social virtual meeting online on Zoom to stream movies, chat together or ask your coworkers to join you on social platforms such as Omegle to keep the conversation going. If you are not very social then you can try socializing with people on social platforms such as Twitter, Coomeet, Instagram, etc to help you improve social skills. 


3. Join Social Clubs

In every big company, you will find different social clubs or committees that will help you build more meaningful relationships with coworkers. There can be different social clubs in your company that can host different events such as gaming gatherings, gatherings to watch movies together, etc. 


Joining such clubs will definitely make you more popular and social among your coworkers which is always beneficial to build social relationships. These clubs can be a great way to meet your colleagues outside the office and socialize with those who have similar interests as yours. Plus, it is always good to know more people, especially in your office


4. Bring Food For Your Coworkers

You can also try to make your coworkers happy by bringing food for them. As the saying goes, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" and you can definitely win the hearts of your colleagues and seniors by bringing in good food for them. Feeding your coworkers is a good way to win their hearts and also owe them one. 


You can bring in baked goods, pick up donuts on your way to the office, order a pizza, etc. All of these things will help you to bond with them. If you are working on a remote team then you can always mail your team members baked goodies and other food through food delivery services which is always a nice gesture. 


5. Share Interesting News

Sharing interesting news can be another way by which you can connect with your coworkers. You can pass on different news to your coworkers including scientific discoveries, sports news, what's going on in the industry, etc. Sharing such news with coworkers who are interested will help you bond with them on the next level. Just make sure that you keep the conversation light and stay away from topics that can cause controversies such as politics. 


6. Offer To Help Them

Offering help to your coworkers on a task that they are struggling with or running late with is one of the fastest ways by which you can make friends. Regardless of whether your coworkers take up your offers or not, they will always be grateful for your willingness to help them in the first place.


These can be simple tasks, from offering them to mail some documents to helping them with a difficult task such as handling clients. If your schedule allows then you can also try to help them with longer projects.

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