Leadway urges private sector to embrace new pension scheme




By Udeme Ekwere


The Managing Director, Leadway Pensure PFA Limited, Mrs. Aderonke Adedeji, has stressed the need for the public, most especially the private sector, to embrace the new pension scheme.


In a statement on Friday, she noted that compliance by the private real sector was still a challenge in the industry.
She said, “This scheme has progressively met the expectations of Nigerians, as retirees have consistently collected their retirement benefits without hazzles under the new scheme.”


Unfortunately, she said, not many Nigerians gave the scheme a chance, especially that past retirement schemes were fraught with inconsistencies.


Adedeji explained that the recent national conference on pension reform organised jointly by National Pension Commission and the National Assembly provided an avenue for an assessment of the scheme.


She noted that while there was room for improvement, giant strides had been made towards providing a viable pension system.


According to her, worldwide, pension assets shaped economies and Nigeria was not an exception.


She said, “We are optimistic that Pencom at some point will review investment guidelines and increase asset allocation and classes, so PFAs can invest in instruments that will propel developmental growth.”


The managing director explained that, the economy benefitted from the pool of pension assets and that while the social service provided by the Act secured contributors’ pension contributions, Nigeria received a boost through financial and economic development.


The Nigerian pension industry, she noted, had continued to be strengthened by strict regulation from PENCOM and that Nigerian workers can now look forward to more comfortable and secure retirement period.


She said that at Leadway Pensure, retirees had benefited from the professional service provided through its various branches located nationwide.


She said, “We at Leadway Pensure PFA are fully prepared for the enormous challenges ahead. As a customer-focused pension fund administrator, we have lined up stress-free and comfortable retirement experience which our esteemed contributors can look forward to.”



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