Four Reasons Why PAL Pensions Should Be Your Preferred Pension Fund Administrator


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Now that the pension transfer window is in full gear, RSA holders no longer have reasons to stick with a Pension Fund Administrator that does not measure up in service quality. The transfer window is an opportunity to switch to a PFA that is committed to securing your future by growing your investment, delivering your retirement benefits with ease, and giving you a good experience altogether.


There are four key features you should consider when switching from your current PFA to a new one. These are the features that set Pal Pensions apart and place us ahead of our peers.


Customer Experience

At Pal, our customer experience is like no other in the industry. In addition to our flexible traditional customer care support channels, we offer a smooth and unforgettable experience with PADI, a new member of the PAL family. PADI is a digital buddy considered a leader in the industry that can handle all your pension-related concerns via SMS, Telegram, or WhatsApp.


Interestingly, with our PAL Pensions mobile app, RSA holders can monitor and manage their pension account on the go. That way, you get bespoke recommendations, guidance, and offers tailored to your needs. This coupled with our physical presence in almost every state of the federation, including the FCT, makes us a preferred choice for many RSA holders.


Professional Experience

Being one of the initial PFAs licensed under the Pension Reform Act of 2004, we have over 16 years of professional experience in Pension Funds Administration at our disposal, to manage and administer retirement savings contributions of employees in Nigeria. Our institutional knowledge of the Nigerian pension landscape is an invaluable resource for you in an economy like Nigeria's.


Additionally, we are well-equipped to handle a large base of clients as we currently have over 550,000 customers with robust capabilities to continue to grow.


Track Record

We have a very reliable investment team with a strong track record of delivering solid investment returns over the years. The average return on investment (ROI) in our largest and longest-running fund (Fund II) places us in a favourable position in the industry.

We have paid a total of N67.81 billion in retirement funds to 55,300 retirees over the past 13 years, and our pensioners on programmed withdrawals are consistently credited by the 20th of every month.



We are sticklers for compliance. We are licensed and regulated by PenCom and all other relevant regulatory bodies, and all our innovative solutions are delivered within a robust compliance framework with high governance standards.


At PAL Pension, our operations are driven by a strong belief in our key values of Empathy, Partnership, Integrity, and Commitment (EPIC).


We believe that everyone deserves an Epic PFA! Begin your switch to Pal Pensions at or contact us on any of our social media channels and a dedicated Account Officer will be waiting to speak with you.

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Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

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