Why Lagos needs an Integrated Waste Management Solution(2)


Tuesday, March 20, 2018 12.30PM / Proshare WebTV 

In the concluding part of the Proshare WebTV interview with Mr Idowu Salawu an Environmentalist who has consulted for the Federal and State Governments, he shared further insight into the value of an “Integrated Lagos Waste Management Solution”. 

He asserted that the Lagos government should study the waste patterns, disposal system and waste transportation system with a view to developing what works best for the State. 

Speaking on the  Olusosun Dumpsite which has been closed down by the Lagos government, he said the site had outlived its purpose. Salawu  however noted that reclamation of the site was key  considering the role Olusosun has played for over 3 decades. 

With the recent fire outbreak at the dumpsite,  Mr. Idowu established the fact that areas around Olusosun like Ojota, Ikosi, Oregun, Magodo, Omole, Shangisha and Ketu were exposed to health hazards. 

Views of the areas around Olusosun dumpsite, showed that even a week after the fire incident thick billows of smokes were still permeating the skies causing massive air pollution.                                                                                                                                 

Giving his assessment of the Olusosun site, Salawu  shared that it was a massive land of 41 acres size that could be converted to a viable and resourceful energy city. This he believed will aid the lighting of the streets of Lagos, providing an alternative energy source to the State. 

He advocated a “waste to energy” solution at Olusosun site, while suggesting  the development of robust dumpsites in the State, that have proximity to the waste generation points. 

Mr. Idowu stressed that a sustainable environment was vital to human existence. “We need the environment because it is in the environment we build our sky scrapers, ride our cars, drink our water, and is our livelihood”. he said. 

Salawu also warned that if the environment was not well taken care of, through a systemic waste management process it will have adverse effects on the city.

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