How to Be Sure That You Have Moved into The Safest PG in Vizag in This Pandemic


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Safety and health come first and there can be no compromises on that front. The pandemic has highlighted the need for hygiene and health and it has become the topmost priority for people worldwide. While staying at home and braving the pandemic has been an option for many, study and work opportunities might call you to another city. Hence, the only way to function during these times is to find an accommodation that follows hygiene and cleanliness practices, maintains social-distancing efforts, while continuing to give you seamless services that provide home-like comfort. If you are thinking of moving to a PG in Vizag, make sure that the authorities have implemented the following measures.


1.     Social Distancing

With certain innovative measures, a co-living space can effectively establish social distancing without hampering the day to day activities of residents and staff alike. A PG that mandates social distancing should include appropriate distance between living quarters and spacing out of beds and other furniture, staggered use of common facilities, contactless service delivery and more. These innovations can vary according to space and resources, but the gist remains the same - safety is the highest priority and all efforts should be made in that direction.


2.    Sanitization

Another underrated precaution that has now become the norm, sanitization, should be a part of the daily routine. In co-living spaces like PGs, apart from constantly sanitizing surfaces that are commonly used, over-all sanitization of the premises including interactive and social spaces should be conducted at regular intervals. A good PG with a dedicated housekeeping staff should have no problems with regular sanitization drives. Sanitizing frequently touched surfaces must be done throughout the day.


3.    Corona proof operations

People tend to do things when there are reminders around them. Placing sanitizers in strategic areas in the PG premises, reminding people to keep their hands clean and faces covered, can go a long way in establishing a hygienic and disease proof routine for the residents. In co-working areas or interactive spaces, ensuring social distancing while advocating the use of sanitizers through proper placement, effective communication across the premises will all be a positive step towards making them safe. Everything, including the preparation of food and its delivery, should be done with care while maintaining social-distancing norms and hygiene. Preparing and delivering the food can be a challenge but it can be done. PGs need to gear up if they want to remain safe spots during this pandemic.


4.    Trained Staff

It is very important to have a trained team of staff members who know how to do their jobs while maintaining corona related norms. Ensuring that the staff has access to PPE kits, have received quarantine training, and are on the premises always is also quite necessary. A trained worker means smooth functioning and any PG that wants to continue functioning during these trying times must have a team of staff trained specifically for working during the pandemic.


Professionally managed living space providers like Stanza Living not only ensure the above-stated measures are being followed but go above and beyond by including practices like thermal screening and monitoring at entry and exit points, checking the medical and travel history of the residents, setting up contactless service delivery, establishing a quick response medical team for any corona- related medical emergencies. Apart from these preventive measures, contactless entry and no-touch dining facilities add to the safety aspect.

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