Proshare launches a more robust information hub; consolidates its subsidiaries


Monday, February 29, 2016 8.30AM / Proshare Business

As technology, people, risk and liquidity compel the financial market and the economy to move towards sophistication, an answer to the quest for more information and a better understanding of policies and reforms is Proshare 10.0

Proshare 10.0 is at first a combination of Proshare’s various subsidiaries including ProshareNews, TheAnalyst, WebTV, Economy&Politics, TheRegulator, TheNigerianInvestor, and Newsstands to a single hub.

Come February 29, 2016, the phase 1 of the merger would deliver the following:

1.       A mobile friendly and responsive website that delivers a better handheld platform experience;

2.      Deploy a sitemap and user aids to help manage the transition; and

3.      Introduction of new segments inclusive of Proshare Finance, Proshare Start Ups and Proshare Technology as a response to the needs of businesses and individuals in this current economic climate.

Phases 2 – 4 would see the redirection/migration of our other platforms inclusive of TheAnalyst, WebTV, Economy&Politics and TheRegulator into the site at different stages of developments.

As the merger continues in these phases, most of the subsidiaries would be rebranded to include Proshare in their names as shown below.

Speaking on this development, Mr. Olufemi Awoyemi, CEO, Proshare stated that the need for this change is in a bid to “deliver on the needs of the individual entity and the market by creating a hub that allows a seamless linkage for the user, consumer and market itself, thereby creating a two-way bridge between the consumer and the market whereby they can interact freely and take the best advantage of the possibilities discernible.”

In addition, the Technical Director/COO, Proshare Mrs Reshu Bagga explained that Proshare 10.0 is a mobile friendly and responsive site, adding that it is built with first class technology and internationally acceptable best practices which would see the site automatically change itself according to screen size of different devices, whether Mobiles, Tablets, Desktops or Laptops. Furthermore, she mentioned that the site has been effectively optimized to ensure easy search on various search engines and navigation through a detailed site map.

Our emphasis on various segments as it affects the Nigerian Economy is in line with our mission to remain innovative and offer a platform of resources that can enable individuals and business thrive in under the current climate. It further restates our commitment to provide credible, reliable and timely information while we seek to enlighten, educate and empower our users.

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