Restructuring: APC Committee recommend Resource Control for States

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018 1.00PM / Proshare WebTV 

In response to the clamour for restructuring in Nigeria, across the geo-political zones in the nation the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) Party Committee on Restructuring concluded its work and has released its recommendations for consideration by the government. 

One of the major and paramount recommendation from the committee is that of “Resource Control” for the States of the Federation. From the summary of findings, States should exercise control over natural resources within their respective territories and pay taxes or royalties therefrom to the Federal Government. In this regard, the Committee recommended the amendment of Petroleum Act, LFN 2004, Nigerian Minerals and Mining Act, 2007, Land Use Act, 1978 and Petroleum Profit Tax Act, 2007. 

It backed the retention of the current Land Use Act, which is for the greater interest of national security and protection of Nigeria’s arable land from international land-grabbers. 

Looking at the Fiscal Federalism and Revenue Allocation Area, the committee recommended an upward review of the current revenue sharing formula in favour of the States. Accordingly, the committee advocated that the Allocation of Revenue (Federation Account etc.) Act, 2002 be amended in favour of the States. 

On Devolution of Powers, the APC Committee recommended that the party put its political weight behind the overwhelming popular demand for devolution to states by the federal government. To this end, the Committee recommended the transfer some of items on the Exclusive Legislative List to Concurrent List and others to residual. Specifically, the Committee recommended that Foods, Drugs, Poison, Narcotics and Psychotropic substances, Fingerprints and Identification of Criminal records, Registration of Business Names, Labour, Mines and Minerals including oil fields, oil mining, geological surveys and natural gas, Police, Prisons, Public holidays, Railways and Stamp Dues be transferred to Concurrent List. 

Other issues contained in the recommendations on “Derivation Principle”, “Federating Units”, “Creation of States”, “Merger of States”, “Devolution of Powers”, “Independent Candidacy”, “Form of Government” “Citizenship” and “Types of Legislature”. 

To get further details you can download the PDF below;

Summary of Findings by APC True Federalism Committee VOL 1

Summary of Findings by APC True Federalism Committee VOL 2


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