2019 Election Campaigns And Potential Economic Gainers

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Thursday, November 29, 2018    08:48AM / Bukola Akinyele of Proshare WebTV


As the 2019 general election campaigns in Nigeria kicks off, we explore businesses that are likely to be gainers during the period of November, 2018 to April, 2019.


1.      Media

From the print, television, radio to the online platforms, the Media will be very active during the elections season to give vital information on the electoral processes. Politicians and Political parties will patronize the media for the coverage of political rallies, town hall meetings, display of political adverts and other campaign activities.


2.     Public Relations Firms

The election period will offer opportunities for PR firms, as they will be saddled with the responsibility of reputation management for politicians that will be contesting the polls. They provide narratives about their clients (politicians and political parties) which can influence the mind of voters, and also carry out various campaigns to boost their ratings ahead of the elections. PR firms will also strategize how the politicians and political parties they consult for should engage and share their manifestos in a convincing manner.


3.     Social Media Influencers

It will be an active season for notable social media influencers, who will be engaged to promote politicians, through their platforms-Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. The 21st century can be described as the age of information technology. Technology runs almost all human endeavours, including politics. In recent times, politicians have swerved from the use of traditional media (broadcast and print) to the use of social media to carry out their political and electoral campaigns in order to realize their political ambitions.  This is why Social Media Influencers  and notable bloggers will play a vital role during the campaigns and election seasons. 


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4.     Music Industry

Music is a powerful medium of communication, through which human actions and reactions are expressed. It provides a forum to mirror the society so that members could understand things better and learn more about life. Musical performances helps in mobilizing the citizens during elections. The politicians make use of musician i.e they employ and pay well known singers that the people like to help in creating political songs and jingles that will be used in campaigning. So for the 2019 elections campaign season A-list Nigerian musicians will be engaged to perform at rallies, which will be good business for them.


5.     Security Firms

Security Services firms will experience a beehive of activities during the elections season, as they will consult for politicians in the area of protection from attacks, kidnaps, physical harm and protection against rogue or compromised security operatives . This category would extend to those charged with ensuring the security of lives, process and conduct during the elections.


6.     Printing Press

The Printing Press business is expected to experience a boom season as their services will be required in the area of printing hundreds and thousands of posters, fliers, banners and other paraphernalia for candidates / parties in the general elections.


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7.     Branding Companies

From  above the line, below the line and between the line engagements, we expect that the branding sector will be in season during the election period – from regular items such as caps, t-shirts, brochures, pamphlets and souvenirs to major branding engagements indoor/outdoor, electronic, print and other branding interventions; some of which have commenced raising the cost of elections higher than before.


8.    Transport and Logistics Firms

Transport firms both government owned and private will be active during the elections season, as they will play the role of conveying supporters to and fro the venue of the campaigns and rallies. This means for the period they will experience steady cash inflows as a result of the engagements they will receive.


9.     Event Managers

Event Managers are not left out of  the activities in the election season, as they will provide the stage for campaigns and rallies raking in good cash for their business.


10. Graphic Designers

Versatile and innovative Graphic artistes will experience increased activities in the elections season, as they will be engaged to provide creatives for adverts and publicity for politicians and their political parties.


11. Others

This will include, giving the nature of our politics:

  • Ward leaders and political party heads in localities;
  • The monitoring groups and NGO’s;
  • Legal professionals and by extension the aspects of the judicial ecosystem (based on past documented experiences); and
  • Voters who decide to game the system – directly and indirectly.


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Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.


Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.


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