Nigerian Breweries Plc Announces Board Changes

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Monday, December 11, 2017 / 5:19PM /NSE


The Board of Directors (“the Board") of Nigerian Breweries Plc (“the Company”), hereby announces the following resignations and appointments.


Mr. Johan & Doyer

Mr. Johan A. Doyer will resign as a Director and as the Company’s Managing Director/CE0 on the 21" of January, 2018. He became a Director and the interim Managing Director/CEO on the 16'" of June, 2017.


Mr. Jordi Borrut Bel

Mr. Jordi Borrut Bel has been appointed to the Board and as the substantive Managing Director/CEO of the Company effective the 22°° of January, 2018. Mr. Borrut Bet is currently the Managing Director and a Board member of Brarudi S.A. in Burundi, a Heineken subsidiary. He is also a Board member of Bralirwa Limited, also a subsidiary of Heineken in Rwanda, quoted on the Kigali Stock Exchange.


He started his Heineken career with Heineken Spain in 1997 as a Sales Representative/Wholesale Manager. He subsequently held increasingly senior positions in France, Slovakia, and The Netherlands and again in Spain before his appointment as the Managing Director of Brarudi S.A. Mr. Borrut Bet has successfully led Brarudi S.A. through a very turbulent period, strengthening the company’s route-to-market and launching successful innovations.


Mr. Victor Famuyibo

Following a distinguished Human Resource career spanning 32 years, Nr. Victor Famuyibo, our Human Resource Director will resign from the Board on the 27'" of January, 2018 when he would have attained the mandatory retirement age of 60. He joined the Board on the 8'° of September, 2008.


Mr. Hubert I. Eze

Mr. Hubert I. Eze, our Sales Director, will resign from the Board effective the 31" of January, 2018 preparatory to his taking up a higher role in the Heineken organization. He joined the Board on the 1st of September, 2010.


Top Management

The Exchange is further notified that Mrs. Grace Omo-Lamai and Mr. Uchenna Unigwe have been appointed to the Management Team of the Company in the positions of Human Resource Director and Sales Director respectively. Mrs. Omo-Lamai joins the Company from Nigerian Bottling Company Limited, where she was the Director of Human Resources. Mr. Unigwe on the other hand, joined our Company in 1989 as an Assistant Brewer. He is currently the General I'4anager, Heineken Cast Africa, based in Nairobi, Kenya.


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