Leveraging the Power of Profitable Relationships for Wealth

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Friday, April 30, 2021 / 05:40AM / Grace Agada / Header Image Credit: White Law Office

There are two currencies you need in the world to grow rich and become more financially successful. The first currency is money, and the second currency is relationships.


These two currencies must work for you to create wealth and achieve financial success. Amongst the two currencies, relationship is the most powerful and beneficial. This is because you can get to the top without money but with the right relationships. However, you cannot get to the top having money alone. Money needs relationships to thrives because all the wealth in the world is created in the context of a relationship. That is, two people must first like, trust and agree with each other to do business or engage in an income-producing activity to create wealth. While relationships can produce money, money cannot produce relationships.


Thus, you can have all the money in the world and still be far behind in life if you lack important relationships. Charlie "Tremendous" Jones, a one-time legendary speaker and author, puts it this way, you remain the same person year after year except for the people you meet and the books you read. So, if becoming rich and wealthy is important to you. You must master the art of building profitable relationships and connecting with the right kind of people. Building relationships that produce wealth is thus the fastest way to get to the top. And getting to the top is all about connecting with people that have the advantage that you lack in your own life.


So how then do you create profitable relationships?

To create profitable relationships, you must first recognize that there is an unequal distribution of wealth and advantage in the world. For you to be successful, you need to connect with other people. That is those who have the advantages that you seek.


The truth is other people have the answers, deals, money, access, power, and influence that you need to achieve your goals, and they will only give it to you if you are in a relationship with them.


There are two elements that must be present in a relationship to make other people want to invest in your own success. The first is Trust, while the second is your ability to solve their own problems or offer Value.


Trust is saying something and doing it consistently over a consecutive period, while solving problems for the people you want to attract is also key. This is because people generally care less about your success and more about their own success. So, the only way to get them invested in your success is to first solve a problem that they care about. The only way for someone to open up about their problems to you is if you are in a close and trusted relationship.  



So, what is a Close Relationship?


Close relationships are relationships that are bound by mutual interests, mutual respect, and mutual values. Most close relationships are formed within private and sometimes closed environments.


A typical example is relationships formed within the confines of a family, a school, an Office, a Club, an Estate, or an Event, etc. This kind of relationship is the most trusted relationship, and they carry the greatest potential for wealth. Thus, to create wealth two things are important - the quality of your close relationships and your ability to convert strangers into close friends.


All relationships must first become close for them to be beneficial for your success. Thus, without trusted close relationships and the ability to create them, it is hard to create wealth or achieve financial success.



Now you may say to yourself, but I have close relationships, why am I not yet successful?  The answer is simple.


While every close relationship has trust in them. Not all close relationships can produce income. In fact, no close relationship is designed to automatically create wealth. You have to make them create wealth. Close relationships are like a seed. They are ineffective as seeds but when planted and nurtured can become trees. This means that you must master the art of planting and nurturing your close relationships to become wealth trees.



So how then do you build wealth-creating relationships?

Before I show you how to build wealth creating relationships. Let me first show you the two kinds of close relationships that exist.  There are two kinds of close relationships. The First is the Wealth-consuming relationships, and the second is Wealth creating relationships.


Wealth-consuming relationships are relationships that use up capital. They are also known as social relationships and comprise family relationships, certain friendship relationships, and religious associations. The way the members of this group add value to each other is by offering emotional or spiritual value in exchange for financial support.

Wealth-consuming relationships are thus not designed to create wealth and it is hard to make them wealth creating in nature. Nevertheless, they are important relationships and provide essential spiritual and emotional balance. So, the only way to thrive financially regardless of them is to combine them with the second kind of relationship - the wealth-creating relationship.


Wealth-creating relationships are relationships that produce income or enlarge opportunities. They are also known as professional or business relationships. Professional or business relationships comprise relationships with co-workers, peers, and Club members. They also include relationships with your Neighbors, Customers, Partners, Vendors, Advisors, etc. Members of this group are pre-sold on creating wealth. They are open to learning about new information. Discovering new ideas and opportunities. Open to doing business together and meeting new people. The way this group adds value to themselves is by pointing each other in the right direction. They connect each other to people, businesses, opportunities, and organizations that can help them, and they support each other through difficult times. Yet almost everyone I know has these relationships but is not yet wealthy.


The reason for this is that professional and business relationships will not automatically create wealth for you. They must be made to create wealth. These relationships are like seeds. They are ineffective as seeds but when planted and nurtured can become trees. This means that you must not only know how to develop these relationships. You must also know how to turn them into wealth trees. To convert professional or business relationships into wealth-creating relationships you need to do three things.


First, you need to become a high-income problem solver. Second, you need to become a value connector, and third, you need to join a wealth-creating problem-solving platform.


Below, are these points in detail.

1. Become a High-Income Problem Solver

A high-income problem solver is anyone that solves problems that produce high income. Solving problems for people is the only way to create wealth and enter into high-quality relationships with other people. 


To solve problems, you need experience, and the fastest way to gain experience is through your own personal journey. Personal experience can make you an instant expert in an area that would usually take years of hard labor in school to develop. Being an expert is important to build trust with your close relationships.


For example, if you are passionate about weight loss but are struggling with losing your own weight. You have an excellent opportunity to become an expert in that area especially for those who are struggling to lose weight. All you need do is overcome your own struggles and lose weight, and then you can help other struggling people do the same.


When you successfully solve your own personal problems, you become the expert that can help others solve the same problem. This makes you more magnetic and interesting to other people. The key here is to create such a rich life that has many inspiring stories, experiences, and achievements.


You must reach the point in your life where you have a lot of “How Did You Do This” stories. How did you get enough money to start your first business? How did you rise to become the CEO of a multinational company? How did you overcome cancer? How did you stay married for 50years? How did you achieve Financial freedom etc.? The more “how did you do this” stories you have the easier it will be to connect with people and build rich relationships.


However, you must ensure that some of your how did you do it stories can produce high income and involve solving problems that affect a lot of people.


You must also ensure that you begin helping people as soon as you start taking the right steps and not after you have achieved your end goal.  Sometimes being an expert does not mean that you are perfect or have arrived. It simply means that you have taken certain steps that others are struggling to take, and you can guide them. If you are ahead of anyone in a particular area you can become the expert in that area to them. Becoming a high-income problem solver is thus not just important for earning a high income but also important for building rich relationships. When you master the art of solving high-income problems you become a valuable person that other people want to meet.  



The two rewards for Solving High Income Problems

There are two rewards you can get for being a high-income problem solver. The first is the value reward and the second is the cash reward.


The value reward is earned when you enter relationships solely to extract value. This means that someone has what you need to succeed and you have what they need to succeed, and both of you are willing to enter into a value for value exchange relationship.


For example, if you need a job and you meet someone that can help you get a job, and if this person needs contacts or a certain service that you can provide; both of you can enter into a value for value exchange relationship and solve your problems. The important thing for this kind of relationship to work is that both of you must come to the table with value, and the value must be comparable and worthy of the exchange.


The idea of thinking that you can build rich relationships with zero value is best left at Disney land. Frankly, it never truly works this way. In the corridors of wealth and power, it is value for value. This is why the rich keep getting richer. They are always exchanging value that create more wealth. If you want to be rich or build profitable relationships you must approach relationship building this way. You must bring value to get value, and you must constantly strive to increase your personal value every day. The value for value exchange is common in the relationship among peers, friends, and business partners. It is also common in the relationship between the older and younger generation.


Right now, there are certain relationships that you need in your life, but those relationships will not just fall on your laps for nothing. You need to have what these relationships need to attract them to you. And you must become a person of value to attract them. Success in the value for value exchange relationship thus begins with first becoming a person of value.


Sometimes a financial reward is what you get in return for solving high-income problems. This is common where there is a customer involved, and where a problem can be solved using products or services. When you engage in a customer-type relationship you must offer products and services, that can solve customers' problems in exchange for cash, and there are two ways to achieve this.

The first way is to sell your own products and services to customers. This is a slow and laborious way especially if you are a working professional.


The second way is to find products and services that are already selling, and are owned by companies or organizations that you care about and then sell them in exchange for income. This is the faster way. All you need to do here is connect people who need a solution to the companies that can offer those solutions. This is what I call Relationship Brokering. Relationship brokering is simply connecting two people who need each other and getting paid for your connection. To succeed as a relationship broker, you must become a value connector and this brings us to the second point.


2. Become a Value Connector

Becoming a value connector means connecting people with a similar problem that you have solved or are solving with the organizations that have helped you solve the problem or are helping you solve the problem in exchange for cash.


It is connecting people that need help with those that can help them, and it means that you must first solve a personal problem for yourself, then partner with the company that helped you, then find people with similar problems who are ready to solve them.


Successful value connectors thus build three kinds of relationships. They build relationship with business owners. They build relationships with customers and they build relationships with other value connectors. The key to succeeding as a value connector or broker is to focus on solving high-income problems for yourself and to choose companies that you have used, tested, and trusted.


You must also ensure that the company you choose has a good reward system that can help you earn a high income or at least is willing to negotiate one with you. If you do this successfully you will not only transform your life, you will transform the lives of other people and enlarge your income in the process. The beautiful thing about being a value connector or broker is that you don't work alone. You work in partnership with reputable organizations and people that can increase your value and credibility. All you need to do is be the one that connects people who need help with the companies that can help them. 


Perhaps you are thinking of where to find these companies, how do I know which problems are high income-producing problems, how do I negotiate a reward for myself and how do I do all of these with my busy work schedule etc. The solution is to join a Problem-solving Platform. 


3. Join a Problem-Solving Platform

A Problem-solving Platform is a platform that exposes you to a diverse range of problem-solving opportunities that produce high income, help you build rich relationships, and develop high-income skills. This means that you don't need to set anything up all by yourself. All you need to do is join a platform that has already set it up for you. So if you want a one-stop-shop for solving high-income problems, entering into value for value exchange relationships, or developing high-income skills our platform is the answer.


Our Relationship brokering platform is focused on helping people solve financial, investing, retirement, wealth, business, and relationship or networking problems. So, if you want to solve any of these problems for yourself and want to help other people solve this kind of problem in exchange for cash. You can join our platform. However, you must qualify to be considered. To learn more, send an email to info@createsolidwealth.com. 

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