BAFI Awards: FSDH Wins Research House of the Year Award


Friday, December 04, 2020 / 08:50AM /FSDH/Header Image Credit: @FSDHBank


As a company, FSDH Merchant Bank remains focused on being market leaders in all the sectors it competes in.  FSDH Group has set itself the lofty goals to become one of the top 3 financial aggregators in Nigeria by 2024, a knowledge-based financial advisor of choice and the gateway for critical macroeconomic and investment information driven by the recently revamped research platform. FSDH research will deepen its coverage of industry analysis so that investors and businessmen and managers can fully understand trends in both current industries and the industries of the future. 


Given the overwhelming importance and impact that the performance of the national economy has on individual banks and businessmen, FSDH strives to provide first class and world class macroeconomic analysis by seasoned professional economists in addition to the regular analysis of stocks.


FSDH Research seeks to chart a course for a more competitive commercial but inclusive investment research. Its research house is small and nimble and adapts easily to client needs so as to provide innovative solutions to the broad cross section of readers and users from government, private sector, development partners and most important the growing class of millennials fuelling the rise of fintech start-ups. 

Positioned as the tip of the spear, the new research team aims to boost group businesses through preparation of world class industry studies like the "Nigeria Pension Industry: Time to Consolidate" done for PAL Pensions; daily reporting of financial market reports; macroeconomic analysis; and monthly investor guides under the banner FSDH TOP PICKS.


"A common thread runs through our work and that is simplicity, accessibility and objectivity. We have opened up to a wider audience as we seek to keep a finger on the pulse of the Nigerian economy"remarked Hamda Ambah, CEO of the Merchant Bank

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Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

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