Lucot Agrees to Fund Solar Power Project in Cameroon Cities For $500m

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Saturday, May 13, 2017 01:41 PM / William Baley  

Cameroon’s Capital City Yaounde and other Cameroon cities have for some time now been suffering from a lack of good consistent street lighting. Power outages are quite common said a spokesman for the Cameroon Power Ministry and as such the cities are left in total and partial darkness on any given night. 

The environment is a vital part of Cameroon’s plan for upgrading and the investment of $US 500 million on Solar Powered street lighting will lessen the impact traditional lighting would have had on our environment the Minister’s spokesman went on to say. The project which will allow for the creation of new jobs, skills transfer and the development of a small solar maintenance and repairs business in the country. 

Simon Denzler the Chairman of the Lucot Investment Committee said this is the culmination of a number of meetings and the direct involvement of the Cameroon Government in the project. Lucot has been investing in the ASEAN region for a number of years and we still have a firm budget to commit more funding into that area. But we now see the opportunities for investment in the regions of Africa particularly West Africa. 

This agreement to invest $US 500 million into the infrastructure of Cameroon is only the start.

We have strong ties with solar manufacturers in China and most of the basic materials will be coming from there. Mr. Dnezler said he intends to be in Cameroon soon to meet with the President and his Ministers to discuss setting up an energy fund like the one he was involved with in China. It is renewable energy that is the key to our future ion this planet and we here at Lucot are very to spending a percentage of our budget on such energy technologies such as wind and solar. 

Lucot is pleased to be partnering with Phoenix Green Capital Corporation Limited on this vital infrastructure project in Cameroon. Lucot as a Private Investment Banking and Equity Funding organisation has positioned itself to be flexible in its lending and funding policies while being open with its clients. Lucot explains in plain English all about international investment and private banking. 

In working with the qualified management team at Lucot Clients are dealing with a streamlined administration which removes obstacles that currently otherwise exist for organisations operating in the international investment and private banking arena whilst still maintaining a boutique personal business relationship through the Lucot's Investment Banking representatives.

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