Average Diesel Price Increases to N206.55 in Jul’16 from N183.41 in June'16

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016 1:55pm /NBS


NBS publishes AGO/Diesel price watch for July 2016. Average price actually paid for AGO/Diesel by consumers in July 2016 stood at N206 from N183 in June 2016.


States with highest average price of diesel were Taraba (N249), Kebbi (N229) & Kwara (223). States with lowest Average price of diesel were Anambra (N200), Bayelsa (N200) and Edo (N200).


NB: The NBS report presents average monthly prices actually reportedly paid by households for Diesel across the 36 States and FCT.

See complete breakdown for July 2016 below. 


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