Ahead of the 2019 Online Trading Ranking Report – How the Top 3 Rank in Previous Editions


Thursday, June 20, 2019 08:00 AM / Proshare Research


The 2019 edition of the Proshare Online Trading Ranking Report, which will be the fifth of its kind, is work in progress and will be published as soon as the report is completed in early Q3 2019

The maiden edition of the online trading ranking report was published in H1 2016 and a subsequent edition published in H2 2016. The first two editions of the online trading ranking reports focused on Capital Market Operators (CMOs) which have their portals linked to the X-Gen, the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) Trading engine. 

The 2017 edition, which was the third,  went a step further as it focused on all CMOs as well as firms with FX trading platforms. 

The 2018 edition was an improvement over that of 2017. It included a regulatory section and also focused on all the five (5) major market segments of Proshare MARKETS which are basically:

(1) Equities – Listed and Unlisted ;

(2) Fixed Income ;

(3) Forex;

(4) Commodities; and

(5) Mutual Funds.


Below is the summary of the top three (3) and how they stand in the previous editions

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We urge market operators with Online Trading Platforms to complete our questionnaire HERE and share the link of our customer SURVEY https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/prosharemarket with their customers so they can participate in the ongoing customer survey. 

For investors, we encourage you to help build the securities trading platform you deserve by expressing yourself in our Customer Survey.  

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