OilPrice Democratizes Oil Prices Data, Makes Free All Of The Different Oil Prices in the World

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Friday, November 10, 2017    10.07AM / Proshare Research 

James Stafford of Oilprice.com (our energy, oil & gas content partners) announced today that they have completed an 18 month project to bring all of the different oil prices in the world (that have never been available to the public) out into the public space and for free. 

These prices are not available anywhere else in the world. Nor will they be (as far as we can tell). 

The demand for these prices is huge, with people paying north of $50,000 annually to access them – but up until now, no-one has been able to distribute them, or gathered this many of them in one place. 

The mindset is similar to what proshare did and is doing for market data needed for growth and development, by ensuring more stakeholders have access to quality data for more informed and intelligent decision making and conversations. 

OilPrice worked with brokers, trading houses, oil marketing companies, majors, etc.. and finally now have the largest free database of daily updated oil prices in the world. 

Why not visit here to confirm for yourself -  http://oilprice.com/oil-price-charts 

This project has been an absolute nightmare as a small number of data providers have dominated the distribution of this information for decades and have made it impossible to obtain this information without paying extortionate fees (and for who Oilprice will be rather unpopular with now). 

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Here is a sample of what OilPtrice has available: 
OPEC and Middle East Blends – such as: All Iranian blends, Bonny light, Kuwait, Dubai, Middle East Sour, Iraq blends

  • Almost all US and Canadian blends (hundreds of blends)

  • All Mexican blends & other Latin American blends

  • Russian Blends

  • Chinese & Asian blends

  • charts, historical data for all blends and comparison tables + more 

They realized very on that oil prices aren’t hugely exciting to most people, but given that people have never been able to see this data before, it should be a new experience for all those engaged in the Oil sector, research analysts, academics, policy makers and our esteemed readers who are looking for a little more depth in the oil markets to consider this a really helpful resource. 

There is a lot more to the oil markets than just WTI and Brent and now people can finally see that. 

Again, why not visit here to confirm for yourself -  http://oilprice.com/oil-price-charts

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

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