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NESG/CBN and Environmental Scanning

The NESG's concerns about the direction of the Nigerian economy is not without merit. With the presence of external shocks that the government has no control over, local economists have naturally searched for policy tool remedies, and as things stand few if any has been found. The simultaneous rise in the inflation rate (13.2% in August 2020) and unemployment (27.1% in Q2 2020) on the back of renewed COVID-19 fears, may lead to ineffective monetary policy.  The CBN recently cut the monetary policy rate (MPR) by 100 basis points from the previous 12.5% between May and August 2020 to 11.5% in September, this was after an earlier rate cut in May from 13.5% to 12.5%. The earlier May rate drop was inadequate in gingering the desired pace of growth.


The recent CBN rate cut is expected to head off a deeper recession which saw GDP contract by -6.10 in Q2 2020 and is expected to stretch into Q1 2021. GDP contraction in Q3 2020 is projected to be in the region of -3.5%. The prospective improvement in GDP growth as of September 2020 may be attributable to a gradual reopening of the economy in August.


COVID-19 has created black and grey swan situations that have unhinged fragile socioeconomic balance. The shutdown of companies and the reduction in salaries have cut back consumer spending and retail sales. The broader impact is likely to mean a reduction in gross domestic product (GDP) growth. The virus is also likely to disrupt transfers such as foreign remittances which are likely to slip from about N22bn in 2019 to a projected N18bn to N20bn in 2020. The fall reflects the impact of COVID-19 on disruptions to economic life in Europe, America and Asia were several Nigerians work and live (see illustration 4).


Illustration 4:  Short-Run COVID-19 Pains

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Two areas that have witnessed severe effects of the ongoing health pandemic have been hospitality and education. The hospitality sector has seen occupancy rates collapse and the government's earlier lockdown and gradual reopening of the economy have led to low patronage of hotel services. Some hotels have shown creativity by turning some of their exclusive in-house services into retail services for top-end customers, some of the services include; food services, laundry services, and small meeting room facilities. Nevertheless, generally, the hotel business has lost large sums of money in 2020 regardless of their ratings. Going forward the hospitality industry particularly hotel services would need to adopt a more dynamic business paradigm that prepares for the next pandemic and allows services to be rendered in such a way that it would involve minimal disruption to the business.


The model would review staff contracts to accommodate adjustments necessary for low revenue thresholds caused by issues outside the control of the management. The paradigm would equally adjust breakeven margins on services taking into account shortfalls in service numbers, this would require reviewing supply chain agreements and building some backward integration into supply chain such as food.


In the education sector, remote classes need to be built into the educational structure such that remote learning becomes a subculture to be comingled with face-to-face interactions. For example, some days could be designated for one-on-one physical interaction in schools while other days would involve remote engagement in classes. Telcos would need to buy into the framework and reduce the cost of data for educational instruction. Parents could be allowed to buy gigabytes of data specially allocated to educational learning and associated with pre-registered sites for academic information such as schools and ancillary web locations.


At the level of tertiary education sites such as Coursera, Edex, Udemy and National Open University (NOUN) can be used as templates for online education where lectures, assignments, and discussions can be held over secured bespoke digital channels for each institution. Telcos would again have to be consulted to bring down their cost of educational data for this to work. The reduction in transportation and non-transportation costs for students can be directed to the payment for online data access. The framework would be a win-win for Telcos, schools, lecturers, and students.  


The COVID-19 pandemic resets social interaction and will require a rethinking of the management of large gatherings in schools, hospitals, hotels, and workplaces. The old ways have passed on to give room to a new order that some refer to as the new normal.

What has become clear in recent months is that old rules cannot be used to solve new challenges.

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Death of a Trilemma

The NESG and Central bank have squabbled over economic policy issues that do not provide practical tools for policy implementation. The two institutions still think within the old context of a policy trilemma. This means that only two macroeconomic objectives can be satisfied at any given time. For example, if the CBN wants to improve the exchange rate, a way to go about this is to raise interest rates and encourage capital inflows which would also reduce inflation. The problem here would be that as inflation declines GDP would stall and unemployment rises. Another policy would be to reduce interest rates which would lead to a rise in GDP and a rise in inflation rate but would cause a fall in the external value of the naira.


This thinking has been one of the central themes of the conflict between the NESG and the CBN on macroeconomic policy. While the CBN sees monetary accommodation and the tinkering with interest and exchange rates as a means of forestalling a slow down in economic activity in a time of a COVID-19 pandemic the NESG sees a different picture and argues that the CBN's exchange rate policies distort market efficiency and creates room for financial arbitrage.


The NESG argued that the CBN's intervention framework was devoid of proper structure and governance but the CBN argued that this was incorrect. The tussle muddied waters that should have been made clearer.

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The Challenges

While the issues raised by the NESG and responded to by the CBN had some merit it weakened consideration of more important issues that include:

  • The phantom policy Trilemma. Contrary to the trilemma arguments that underly the disagreements between the NESG and the CBN. The dilemma does not exist as a result of structural economic challenges that break the traditional transmission mechanism of the money supply. The rising exchange rate should translate to a rising domestic inflation rate and a rise in interest rates. This is not the Nigerian reality. A cut in domestic interest rates does not lead to an expansion of credit and growth in GDP. The CBN has said that the cut in interest rates has had expansionary benefits for the economy but the more accurate position is that the loan to deposit ratio (LDR) increase from 60% in September 2019 to 65% by December of the same year led to the observed expansion in domestic credit (this was from an LDR of 55% earlier in the year).

However, the jury is still out on the consequences of the rapid credit expansion as banking analysts foresee a rise in non-performing loans (NPLs) at the end of 2020 as banks find themselves compelled to lend to lower quality credit candidates thereby worsening their asset quality. This should have been a major concern of both NESG and the CBN as a fall in interest rates (a reduction in intervention fund rates from 9% to 5% for one year and a decline in MPR) may not necessarily lead to growth in production output as constrained consumption caused by job losses, salary cuts, and lower corporate earnings hurt GDP growth rate. 

Furthermore, there is no direct transmission mechanism between the domestic exchange rate and local interest rates which means that if interest rates rise or fall there is no involvement in exchange rate movement which would have affected domestic inflation. The absence of free-market stability in the Nigerian economy suggests that conventional economic wisdom is a dud (see illustration 5).

Illustration 5:  Understanding The Phantom Trilemma

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  • Another problem with the NESG and CBN disagreement is that the heat of conflict has dimmed the light of the conversation. Both institutions have ignored some of the most crucial issues affecting the economy such as foreign trade balance, tariffs, and taxes. These crucial matters inevitably shape the country's competitiveness in a COVID-19 environment especially on the back of the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) that went into effect in May 2019.

The economy has stalled as a result of choking tariffs that have laid into corporate earnings with a sledgehammer. The consequences of a high excise duty regime turn up in the depressed corporate performance of prime corporate enterprises such as the Nigerian Breweries (NB Plc) which has seen its after-tax earnings dip from N13.32bn in June 2019 to N5.59bn in June 2020 representing a fall of -58.03% year-on-year (Y-o-Y).  This contrasts with the slump in topline earnings from N170.19bn in June 2019 to N151.81bn in June 2020 or a slide of -10.80% Y-o-Y (see table 1).

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Table 1: Nigerian Breweries Plc's Burden of Taxation

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Admittedly the company may have been equally affected by rising sales, general and administrative expenses (SG&A) caused by COVID-19-related factors but excise taxes have taken a shark-bite out of the company's revenue with excise tax estimated at 7.5% of the company's gross sales income. The government placed a 30kobo excise duty on a centilitre of beer in 2018 and increased the duty to 35kobo per centilitre of beer in both 2019 and 2020.

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The Power of Non-State Actors

Non-state actors hold the nation by the jugular but both private sector and government institutions have conveniently turned a blind eye to high informal taxes paid by businesses in Nigeria's informal sector that is home to over 40.5m micro, small and medium-sized companies (MSMEs) in the economy who contribute 48% of GDP, 96% of businesses and 84% of employment.


The transportation sector (through transport unions), local markets (through market leaders), and roadblocks (through security agencies) serve as multiple tax platforms for informal businesses whose tax rates through non-state actors exceed 50%. The usual government argument that at 7.5% Nigeria has one of the lowest tax rates on the planets is misleading as it conveniently gives short-shrift to charges, levies, and fees imposed across domestic SME value chains.  


Across the country transport unions collect daily monies such as 'load', 'parking', and 'special levy'. These daily taxes go to non-state actors and serve as a sizable part of the domestic revenue leakage for states, the same runs true for local markets and highways where security agents collect 'title' (a levy) for every commercial vehicle that is stopped at checkpoints. The impact of these levies and charges is an increase in the cost of domestic goods and services and the creation of a high incidence of domestic taxes most of which fall on the poor and vulnerable in both urban and rural communities.


Revisiting the roles of non-state actors and limiting their remit to a check-off system of revenue collection from their members remain global best practices. The current system stabs a finger in the eye of proper fiscal policy, business process, corporate accountability, and governance/ethics (non-state actors who collect revenues from their members rarely if ever pay taxes or keep audited records of the application of collected funds), and misrepresents the flow and size of domestic value through taxes in the economy (see illustration 6). 


Illustration 6: Non-state Actors and The New Fiscal Arithmetic

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Foreign Remittances, Pulling In the Mullah

Countries like India and China have turned foreign remittances into an engine of growth of sorts, with both countries strategically exporting high-quality manpower and benefitting from the massive remittance flows from the reverse cash inflows. This has been a brilliant strategy for improving labour quality and strengthening foreign exchange inflows for the emerging Asian giants.


According to a leading Nigerian economist, Dr. Ayo Teriba, "Leading emerging markets have recognized the role of the Diaspora as catalysts of financial globalization, with governments issuing diaspora bonds to attract record levels of private-to-government remittances from non-resident citizens. Nigeria has been left out of this wave as remittances have remained a private-to-private affair. China and India each attracted only US$ 7 billion more than Nigeria in 2006, but each now attracts US$50 billion more than Nigeria."


"The Nigerian Government seemingly heeded calls to join this race by issuing its first-ever diaspora bonds in early 2018. But it issued a paltry US$300 million, in a country that has recorded US$20 billion private-to-private remittances annually for the past decade."


Chart 17:  Eyeing The Global Foreign Remittance Foot Chase

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Source: UNCTAD's World Investment Report 2019

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142.        CBN Issues Guidelines on the Management of Dormant Accounts & Other Unclaimed Funds by Banks & OFIs - Oct 09, 2015

143.        CBN Releases Exposure Draft on Consumer Protection Framework - Sep 18, 2015

144.        CBN Mandates DMBs to Equip All Branches to Treat E-dividend Mandate Form - Sep 15, 2015

145.        CBN Releases Exposure Draft on Standards and Guidelines on Electronic Channels Operations in Nigeria - Sep 15, 2015

146.        CBN Releases Exposure Draft on the Guidelines on Transaction Switch in Nigeria - Sep 15, 2015

147.         CBN Directs Development Finance Institutions to Obtain Licence - Sep 08, 2015

148.        CBN Directs Banks to Remit FG's Funds into the Treasury Single Account - Sep 08, 2015

149.        CBN Finalises Guidelines for the Enrolment of Nigerian Bank's Customer in Diaspora - Aug 19, 2015

150.        CBN Directs All Licensed BDCs to Consummate Transactions with Customers' BVN Effective 1st August - Jul 21, 2015

151.         CBN Warns Authorized Dealers Against Funding Items Classified as "Not Valid for Forex" - Jul 01, 2015

152.        CBN Extends BVN Enrollment Deadline to 31st October, 2015 - Jun 30, 2015

153.        CBN Directs DMBs to Establish Industry Fraud Desks - Jun 12, 2015

154.        CBN to Review the Nigerian Cheque Standards - May 04, 2015

155.         CBN Moves to Check Rising Non-performing Loans in Banks - Apr 24, 2015

156.        CBN Clarifies Circular on Usage of Naira Denominated Cards Overseas - Apr 24, 2015

157.         CBN Stops Rendition of Returns on Defunct Micro Credit Fund - Apr 17, 2015

158.        CBN Limits Naira Card Usage on Overseas Transactions to $50,000 - Apr 14, 2015

159.        CBN Rolls Out Stiff sanctions to Dissuade Issuance of Dud Cheques - Apr 09, 2015

160.        CBN Warns Against the Use of Foreign Currency as Medium Of Exchange in Nigeria - Apr 07, 2015

161.         CBN lays Guidelines on Mobile Money Services in Nigeria - Apr 02, 2015

162.        CBN Sets Regulatory Framework for Licensing Super Agents - Apr 02, 2015

163.        CBN Releases Regulatory Framework for Mobile Money Services - Apr 02, 2015

164.        CBN Publishes Regulatory and Supervisory Guidelines for DFIs in Nigeria - Mar 19, 2015

165.        CBN Sets Guidelines for N300 Billion Real Sector Support Facility - Mar 04, 2015

166.        CBN Directs Banks to Commence FG's Treasury Single Account Scheme - Feb 26, 2015

167.         CBN Restricts Use of Unfettered Access in Exchange Manual - Feb 23, 2015

168.        CBN Sets Guidelines for Advisory Council on Non-Interest Financial Institutions - Feb 20, 2015

169.        CBN Closes RDAS/WDAS Foreign Exchange Window - Feb 18, 2015

170.        CBN Releases Exposure Draft for Dormant Accounts Management by Banks - Feb 18, 2015

171.         CBN Sets Time Bar for Resolution of Customers Complaints - Feb 18, 2015

172.         CBN Issues Framework for the Implementation of Electronic Payments Incentive - Feb 13, 2015

173.         CBN Sets Guidelines for Banking Operations in Free Trade Zones in Nigeria - Feb 11, 2015

174.         CBN Offers Special Intervention to BDC Operators - Feb 03, 2015

175.         CBN Inaugurates Financial Inclusion Steering Committee - Feb 03, 2015

176.         CBN Notifies Banks on Onward Reporting of Fraud in Non-EMV Environments- Jan 30, 2015

177.         CBN Directs Banks to Compute Net Open Position on Daily Basis - Jan 30, 2015

178.        CBN Reviews Weekly Cash Sales to BDCs to $30,000 - Jan 23, 2015

179.         CBN Reviews Foreign Currency Trading Position of Banks to 0.1% of SHF - Jan 13, 2015

180.        CBN Signs MoU with Deposit Money Banks to Boost Power Supply - Dec 23, 2014

181.         CBN Directs Banks to Commence Issuance of Centenary N100 Banknote - Dec 22, 2014

182.        CBN Reduces Foreign Exchange Trading Position of Authorized Dealers to Zero Percent - Dec 18, 2014

183.        CBN Issues 48hours Deadline for Utilization of Funds Purchased from Forex Market - Dec 18, 2014

184.        CBN Releases Circular on Sales of Foreign Exchange without Adequate Documentation - Nov 21, 2014

185.        CBN Releases Circular to All DMs and Merchant Banks on the Implementation of Swift SSS - Nov 20, 2014

186.        CBN Kicks-off the Development of Consumer Protection Framework for Financial Institutions - Oct 22, 2014

187.        CBN Sets BVN Compliance Deadline for DMBs and Bank Customers - Oct 22, 2014

188.        CBN Increases Outbound International Money Transfer Limit - Oct 14, 2014

189.        CBN Releases Collateral Registry Regulation - Sep 30, 2014

190.        CBN Rolls Out Electronic Payments Incentive and Awareness Campaign - Sep 19, 2014

191.         CBN Releases Circular on the Acceleration of Bank Verification Number - Sep 19, 2014

192.        CBN Releases Guidelines for Financial Holding Company (HoldCo) - Aug 29, 2014

193.        CBN Develops Authorized Signatories Verification Portal for the Banking Industry - Aug 21, 2014

194.        CBN Earmarks 60% of MSME Development Fund for Women - Aug 18, 2014

195.        CBN to launch Outbound Money Transfer Service with Western Union Money Transfer - Aug 14, 2014

196.        CBN Reviews Electronic Payment Operations via NIBSS Instant Payment System - Aug 14, 2014

197.         CBN Re-introduces ATM Cash Withdrawal Transactions Fee; Effective September 1, 2014 - Aug 14, 2014

198.        CBN Excludes Non-Distributable Regulatory Reserve in the Computation of Capital of Banks - Aug 07, 2014

199.        CBN Issues Draft Regulatory and Supervision Guidelines for Development Finance Institutions - Aug 05, 2014

200.       CBN Releases Exposure Draft for Recommendation of Time Bar on Consumer Complaints - Jul 25, 2014

201.        CBN Extends Timeline for the Resolution of Complaints on Excess Charges and Loans to 30 Days  -03, 2014

202.       CBN Prohibits Loan Defaulters from Further Access to Credit Facilities in the Banking System - Jul 02, 2014

203.       CBN rolls out Cash-Less Policy on July 1, 2014, postpones withdrawal charges in 30 States - Jun 24, 2015

204.       CBN Orders Banks to Refund Monies to Customers Shortchanged By ATMs - Jun 16, 2014

205.       CBN Orders Banks to Refund Excess Commission on Turnover - Jun 13, 2014

206.       CBN Maintains Highest Level in Information Security Standard (ISO27001) Compliance - Jun 12, 2014

207.       CBN Extends Cashless Policy to 30 Remaining States; Kicks Off July 1st - Jun 05, 2014


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  20. Unravelling The Ecobank Q3 2018 Results; Applying NAFEX, Different Outcomes Oct 26, 2018
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 Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

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