Dasukigate's Diagraph of Corruption

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Monday, January 11, 2015 11.58PM / By Mobolaji E. Aluko, PhD

“We haven’t had a situation where it is being alleged and proved that the money supposed to be spent on defending ourselves, nation and neighbours has been shared among individuals........We have never had a case of critical emergency where children are being kidnapped under our noses, we are helpless and our soldiers have been sent to the front to defend our very existence and we are not backing them up. It has not happened before.” - Prof. Wole Soyinka

Prof. Soyinka might have added that we have not had a situation before where it is PROVEN beyond doubt - as revealed by the participants themselves - that government money has been used to DIRECTLY fund a ruling political party in elections, and that money was used to BUY OFF individuals and OTHER political parties.  By golly, it MUST have happened before in Nigeria's history - including in the First Republic -  but like in the brothel in Casablanca, for it to be so proven that prostitution was ACTUALLY going in therein was rather surprising to the French police captain.

With respect to this Dasuki-gate, it has become necessary to "follow the money" diagraphically and tabularly (see Diagraph below, Figure 1 and Table 1), and to continue to interrogate the rings around President Buhari (Figure 2) and ask a few questions:

(1)  Did Dasuki get all his money from the CBN? Where else and who gave the instructions, who was/were his puppeteer(s)?

(2)  Those who got money DIRECTLY from him should have a case to answer as to "Why he?"  But there may have been "innocent" political operatives who got money from second and third-order persons, and did not know that it was ONSA money meant for arms....an explanation, I know, but not an excuse, particularly if the money given to them was not "delivered" to the right channels - all for a losing cause.

(3)  Apart from the money, time that should have been spent designing ways of combating Boko Haram was spent by Dasuki on the logistics of money distribution - who gets what when, where. why and how!  Soldiers in peril, Chibok damsels still in distress?  Not good at all.....

(4)  And how do we recover all of these monies?  They should be quarantined as they are quietly returned, and spent on a SPECIFIC THING this budget year, so that ALL Nigerians can point to it as say "That is recovered Dasukigate money.....that is  recovered Re-Looted Abacha Loot."

And there you have it.

May we have a better year in 2016 than in 2015.  [Amen.]

Bolaji Aluko

FIGURE 1:  Dasukigate Diagraph of Corruption (As on January 11, 2016)
Not to be Submitted in a Court of Law -To be Amended as New Information Arises

Figure 2:  Rings of Change Around President Buhari

TABLE 1:  Of Persons and Monies

About the Author:

The author, Mobolaji E. Aluko, PhD can be reached vide: alukome@gmail.com



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