Development and Implementation of a Manufacturing Asset Optimization Programme - A White Paper


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About Asset Optimization

Africa has experienced an unprecedented demand for raw materials products and processed goods this has led to manufacturing plants, production facilities and many ancillary infrastructure assets been pushed to limits well beyond their initial design specifications.


The urgency to get more from less has brought many facilities to breaking point. Maintenance of the asset, a cost not directly linked to productivity or revenue generation, is often deferred or worse, ignored. Organizations will take a range of approaches to asset management with varying results:


1. Measured and controlled asset debottlenecking exercises and asset efficiency design upgrades through sustainable work capital programs. These programs generally result in engineering standard and legislative compliant designs and production optimized assets that will continue to deliver enhanced production throughputs in future years.


2. Fast track projects that deliver immediate returns and enable the asset owners to capitalize on the demand experienced during these years. While these programs generally comply with the engineering design and legislative requirements, many are not optimized, and deliver suboptimal performance and efficiency.


3. Increased production throughputs via existing assets, reducing access to plant for planned preventive maintenance and managing the higher rate of asset degradation through increasing breakdown maintenance. This short term action solution results in overloading, higher wear out


Strategic asset management enables an organization to find the optimum level of asset management and maintenance activity to meet their organizational plans. Focusing the appropriate resources on critical assets to perform an optimum level of maintenance work has proved to reduce production costs.


As manufacturers move to a strategy of higher levels of automation to further reduce dependency on labour costs, this focus on intelligently optimising the asset becomes even more important.


The solution lies in working to create a proactive culture, which drives asset management improvement plans that guide the engineering, project delivery and operations activities in the plant, process, product and people, to eliminate, prevent and control functional failures and extract greater value from existing investments.


The solution also lies in looking at the facility, its processes and its equipment with a forensic engineering lens, identifying equipment with the highest run time hours or lowest availability rating, to find the weak point in the production chain. This type of analysis roots out the highest likely causes for breakdowns and production interruptions and eliminates them by implementing improvement plans and actions for execution by their maintenance practitioners.


Why your Manufacturing Business needs to Optimize its Asset portfolio.

  • Asset Optimization is the process of analyzing the value of assets in an Institution to yield the greatest Return on Assets ( ROA)
  • The post-financial crisis have made institutions to be forced to face certain market realities, which in short term and potential the long term, entail a more proactive approach to managing their bottom line.
  • Asset Optimization is an Approach to using the Asset potential for revenue growth. It recognizes that assets - buildings, land , plants & equipment etc.- have an impact on both the balance sheet and income statement and that timing can play an important factor in getting the best ROA.
  • Hence financial performance of these assets is directly related to the financial well being of your company

 Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

What is Involved in the Programme

We understand how a developed integrity management strategy as an asset class, continues to offer several important benefits to the Global Asset Portfolio of the Company

  • Portfolio diversification through low correlations to other asset classes
  • Manufacturing is in the end a local business, with cash flows and capital appreciation linked to the physical assets and influenced by local economic conditions, and allowing many diversification opportunities
  • Solid cash flows through rents
  • Inflation protection


We believe your company should look to develop a comprehensive asset management strategy that is focused on examining all of its existing assets. These typically involves the following

  • Conducting a Strategic Asset Review Employing Brickstone Value Optimization Framework
  • Assess Optimization Options
  • Identify Value of Optimization Options
  • Select the preferred Option& Develop Business Case
  • Prepare Detailed Work Plan


Our Approach

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

 Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

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Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.
Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.
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