2019 - The Changing Political Calculus – LBS EBS – February 2018


Friday, February 09, 2018  08:43 AM   /  FDC

The 2019 election was put in fast forward by Chief Obasanjo's  poison letter to President Buhari. 

The economy, therefore has now become secondary in the national discourse.  The prism from which macroeconomic analysis is being viewed is now more from its impact rather than the data direction. 

The APC is now forced to emphasize impact of policy rather than numbers.  Team Buhari will need to be seen as being responsive rather than defensive.  The inflation numbers are expected to be announced on February 14 and is likely to show an improvement.  With no MPC quorum, how does the Government ensure that interest rates decline and that Banks lend to small and big businesses? 

The exchange rate is expected to be relatively stable in the weeks ahead even though oil price has lost 12% in 2 weeks. 

The impact of policy making at a time of legislative/executive deadlock is what Bismarck Rewane and the FDC Think Tank discussed at the LBS Breakfast Session.  This includes the possible implications on your business. 

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