The Pentad Urban Retail Price Tracker - Prices On Tepid Rise


Friday March 08, 2019 / 12:32 PM / ARM Research


Our Urban Retail Price Tracker – the PURP index – recorded a slight uptick of 0.28% MoM to 111.6 pts in February (vs 0.42% MoM in January). On an annual basis, prices were 8% higher relative to same period in the prior year.  The brewery and commodity basket took the center stage with prices rising 0.13% MoM and 0.39% MoM respectively. Elsewhere, prices across the consumer, cement and oil & gas retreated over the month.  

In the consumer basket, average prices moderated by 0.39% MoM. We noted declines in price of Milo (-6.01%), Lipton (13.5%) and Dangote Pasta (-13.0%). Across the pasta products, Dangote Pasta implemented price reversal during the month following a price hike in January. Meanwhile, we also saw price of Golden Penny pasta increase 28% placing it at a premium to Dangote Pasta and Honeywell Pasta which are the most demanded pasta. Elsewhere, in a bid to gain market share, we observed an increased supply in Tastic Pasta (another product from Dangote but not as popular as the major three). From our findings, Tastic presently sells at a premium to other pasta products with price point at N325. 

Prices in the brewery basket were slightly higher by 0.13% MoM. Though prices were flat across most beer products under our coverage, we noted an increase in price of Trophy (+1.9% MoM).  

Average price in the commodities basket remained elevated but slowed over the month with prices rising by 0.42% MoM (January: 0.57%). Price increase was largely as a result of higher vegetable oil price. Elsewhere, palm oil price moderated 0.4% over the month after weeks of festivity induced price hike. 

Prices in the oil & gas sector moderated over February with average prices down by 0.18% MoM largely on the back of lower Cooking Gas price (-1.3% MoM). We believe this is largely due to increased domestic and foreign supply.

Prices in the cement sector eased by 1.0% MoM following an increase in the previous month. On other fronts, activities in the cement sector remained lukewarm as a result of electioneering activities.


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Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

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