All the Presidents’ Men - Dream team or Lightweights – LBS EBS – Oct 2015


Wednesday, October 14, 2015 06:00 AM / FDC

After 125 days of anticipation, President Buhari submitted a list of ministers, which was greeted with a yawn. The president had to make serious tradeoffs between capacity, integrity, vision and experience. In the meantime, a substantial amount of political capital was squandered.

The new team is made up of mainly seasoned and tested hands with sprinkles of reformers. In all, the median score is for good performance with a potential upside for stability and reform in the next 2 quarters. The challenges are daunting but the energy level is high. Only 20% of the nominees are pro-economic reform, 60% are core administrators and hands-on managers. The balance of 20%, are conservative and will be reluctant to change. Therefore overall, the team will be progressive but will need some ideological debriefing for optimality.

These and other burning issues are discussed in this edition of the LBS Executive Breakfast session with B.J. Rewane and the FDC team.

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