2016 Economy and You: 10 Analysts engage public for 10 days via Twitter


Thursday, January 21, 2016  08:23 PM / Proshare

If you've clicked on this story, then the odds are pretty good that you already know how awful a year this has been for individuals – be you an investor, a business owner and an employee.

So let's cut to the chase. Are there any winners in the economy so far in 2016?

Yes. But not too many.

As of today, the stock market picked up for the last two days in what is considered a “dead cat bounce”; a few companies are optimistic while a higher number are unsure if not overwhelmed by the realities of the economy and the proposition of budget 2016 / MTEP 2016 -2018 based on proshare research’s estimates.

Not a few are already positioning for a dooms day scenario.

As analyst we know we have been here before, perhaps not with this high incidence of external pressures, looming challenges on account of the structure of our markets and businesses in relation to the oil sector and consequential structure of the Nigerian economy.

In order to help individuals wade through the myriad of issues arising and the plethora of policy decisions by the government, multiple award winning Proshare has secured the consent of Nigeria’s leading analysts and professionals on economy, business and finance to engage in an interactive session on Twitter to discuss the “2016 Economy and You” over the next ten days starting from Monday, January 25, 2016.

Over these next ten day, ten analysts will daily engage with the public on key economic issues and how it affects them including discussions on the MPC decision, devaluation possibilities, scenario and eventual impact, thresholds for Nigeria in the oil market, fiscal multiplier consequences and the you, areas of opportunities and value creation, the state of the financial markets especially the equities market and sub-finance markets, the aggressive taxation collection drive of the FBIR and State Inland Revenue Agencies (who may have to go back many years to audit entities despite previous tax clearance certificates), implications of the oil price decline on banking sector total risk assets and condition, banking and financing options for businesses especially the SME’s, new sectors for subsidy and intervention funds such as agriculture, solid minerals and education, how the infrastructure deficit will be bridged and how that impacts on you; investments options in the light of obvious deficit financing by the government to bridge the gap between its benchmark rates for oil revenues and the market realities, and how an individual should navigate the current terrain.

To manage this event and in recognition of how much can be done within the one hour between 12 noon and 1pm everyday devoted to this, we have an understanding with the experts/analysts assembled for this engagement to deploy a “means tested software” that allows Questions unanswered during this period to be responded to and a communiqué / coverage report issued by the end of day.

We encourage you to participate and help us deepen the quality and robustness of information available to the public in the engagement with decision makers.


Commenting on the tweet-meet initiative Claudia Nwankwo, Corporate Relations Manager, Proshare said that “The tweet-meet will set the pace for and improve the engagement platforms necessary to engage all in the rebuilding of an economy that allows us all to thrive – providing empowerment tools for citizens to make informed decisions that support the direction and goals of Nigeria today. More importantly, it allows for a better experience for the general public to be a part of the decision process through the engagement with public opinion molders as assembled.”


We encourage you therefore to participate in the tweet-meet running from Monday, 25th January till Friday, 5th February 2016 (10 working days) each day between 12noon-1pm.


The 10 Analyst for 10 Days initiative will be delivered/administered using #AskProshare to tweet @proshare.

For further information, kindly contact corporaterelations@proshareng.com


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