Mining and Tourism in Nigeria: The Case for the Preservation of Shere Hills (3)


Friday, June 09, 2017 8.00pm/Proshare WebTV

As we promised in the second part of this story, we committed to engage stakeholders involved in the case of the reported Mining operations in Shere Hills - a tourism location, heritage site and gazetted reserve in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.

This is to ensure that information delivered to the public through our reports and articles are factual, validated and credible.

The focus was to verify how “Moulds Nigeria Limited” got its license and the area that was allotted to them, considering the need to guarantee that mining activities in the country are not impeding on the tourism and conservation space in Nigeria.

Our first two articles on this story  highlighted  the fact that mining and tourism are vital sectors to any economy, and responsible governments are always clear on how licenses are awarded, to guarantee the seamless  growth of these sectors.

Last week we clarified that Moulds Nigeria Limited is not operating in the designated Shere Hills area in Jos, Plateau and this week we share with you the response from the management of the company on this story, which is now  an issue of national concern.

According to the management of Moulds Nigeria Limited, it states that “For the avoidance of doubt, its operation is in Gwafan, Lamingo and not on Shere Hills and this  dates back to the year 2006 when the company purchased a parcel of land from land owners and obtained a Quarry Lease No. 2170 granted in 2006, and number 20176  granted in 2015 respectively as required by law over the rock formation.

It goes on to state that it operates within the area and does not in any way interfere with the Government Reserved Area (Shere Hills) conspicuously marked out with beacons.

Moulds Nigeria Limited says, before it came in, a company named Search Agric Development Company Limited, RC No. 89301 had explored the rock formation in the 1980s for export with Quarry Licenses No. 20925/20926 before takeover. The Company stressed that its activities since occupation are guided by the statutory provisions of the law as contained in the Nigeria Mining Acts 2007.

The management said “Jos has been our base since inception of the company and in line with our practice of adding value to whatever we may be involved in, the place under reference was out-rightly procured and our quarry products are used purely for Road Construction and the development of infrastructure within the State.

At the moment the Federal Ministry of Solid Minerals is investigating this and is expected to release a report on the findings of the Inspectorate of Mining on the developments around Shere Hills, which will go a long way to ascertain the submission of Moulds Nigeria Limited.

This will lead to the part 4 of this story, as we look forward to the required information from the Ministry, considering its supervisory role in mining activities in the country and believe this will clarify if Moulds Nigeria Limited is not interfering with the gazetted reserved area of “Shere Hills”.

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