19,833 Vessels Berthed At Nigerian Ports Between 2013 and 2016 - NBS


Wednesday, February 8 2017/ 9.20 AM /NBS

The ship traffic statistics at Nigerian ports has reflected that a total number of 19,833 vessels berthed at the various ports between 2013 and 2016. Similarly 543,842,425 tonnages were registered within the period under review. Year 2014 recorded the highest number of vessels berthed as well as tonnages registered while the least were recorded in 2016.

Tin Can Island Port handled the most ships accounting for 33% of total number of ships that berthed in all ports and 32% of total tonnage registered in all ports. It is closely followed by Apapa port which accounted for 28% of ships that berthed and 25% of total tonnage registered and Onne port which accounted for 15% of ships that berthed and 30% of total tonnage registered.

Also, cargo traffic statistics revealed a total of 312,185,808 cargo traffic was recorded at all Nigerian ports between 2013 and 2016. 196,851,236 or 63% of the cargo traffic were inwards while 115, 334572 or 37% were outward.

Apapa port handled the most number of inward cargoes accounting for 39% of total inward cargoes and closely followed by Tin Can Island and Delta ports accounting for 31% and 11% respectively. Calabar port accounts for 4.29% to record the least.

Similarly, Onne ports handled the most number of outward cargoes accounting for 80% of total outward cargoes and closely followed by Delta and Apapa ports accounting for 10.63% and 3.52% respectively. Also, Calabar port accounts for 0.05% to record the least.

The number of passenger traffic within the period under was put at 52,262 while the highest number of passenger traffic was recorded in 2013.

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