The Coronation Mutual Funds Advantage


Friday, August 25, 2017 10:00AM / Coronation

Mutual Funds in recent times have garnered a lot of interest and investments, having been identified as one investment vehicle through which
small investors can access wealth creation opportunities that were previously preserved for the wealthy.
Coronation Asset Management recently launched one of its funds and presents herein some factors that make the funds different from others.
Access to professional money managers:

Your money is managed by fund managers with global exposure and experience, across the various asset classes. We diligently focus on always creating value for our investors in line with our promised investment objectives.


Open-ended mutual funds are priced daily and fund managers are always willing to buy back units from investors. This means that investors can sell their holdings in mutual fund investments at any time and not worry about finding a buyer at the right price. Investors can get access to their funds within 48 hours.

Low transaction costs:

In managing your investments efficiently, we target the best execution price when dealing with counterparties and brokers. We are able to leverage the benefit of investing large funds which have been pooled together from many investors.


Our investments are designed to limit loss to capital through proper and efficient diversification of Coronation Mutual funds investment portfolios. We aim to reduce the volatility of returns by investing in a number of companies across a broad group of sectors. Hence, investor irrespective of the size of the investments can enjoy the benefits diversification brings in minimizing any potential loss to the investments.


At Coronation, we operate a system where all information regarding our investments and performance are readily and easily accessible to our investors. While daily prices of our funds are available on various platforms, reports on investor’s holding and valuation can be obtained through their online account.

The Funds

How to Subscribe
To ensure the Coronation Mutual Funds are easily accessible by every investor, the minimum investment into the fund is N10,000 with additional multiples of N5,000 thereafter. All you need do is: 
1.       Fill a Subscription/Offer Form
online or at any Access Bank branch nationwide.

2.    Depending on volume, KYC documents have to be provided. This can also be completed online

3.      Make Payment into the offer account at any Access Bank branch.

4.      Notification will be sent acknowledging receipt and online account created for you. 

For further information about investing, you can contact or call +234(0)14614892 or +234(0)17732753 

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