No Change in Status Quo - MPC Committee Decision


Tuesday, January 26, 2016 3:24 PM / Cordros

At the end of its January (25 and 26) meeting, the MPC voted unanimously to maintain status across the policy variables as:

   •         MPR at 11%

   •         CRR at 20%

   •         LRR at 30%

         Maintain the asymmetric corridor of +200bps/-700bps around the MPR


While acknowledging current global economic challenges and the domestic macroeconomic headwinds, the Committee concluded to foster its last decision (in November meeting) of pursuing real growth without losing sight of price stability.


The Committee also appraised the outcome of its November meeting and hinted that its fundamental aims are not yet actualized.


In a bit to allow for a reasonable time lag to see the impact of its previous resolve, the Committee acknowledged and pointed out the need for more coordinated monetary-fiscal harmony, especially as it pertains to the fiscal authority's economic roadmap for 2016.


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