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The Next Bank to Fail: A Nigerian Bank Safety Perception Survey Report


Sunday, February 19, 2012 8:43 PM

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ValueFronteira Limited (VF) has now completed the survey on the Nigerian Banking Industry Safety Perception for the first quarter of 2012 under the national issues survey series.

This maiden edition of the quarterly survey report was inspired by the market requirement for a credible process for gauging the level of stakeholder confidence in the banking industry.

This survey, was therefore structured mainly to elicit the perception of stakeholders using the most appropriate tools and methodology.

VF made a conscious effort to distinguish between, and not attempt a reconciliation of the performance realities of reported banks with the perceptions of respondents.

This report has the following key highlights:

1.    The perception of respondents on the most financially stable, liquid and safest banks;

2.    The perception of respondents on the next Nigerian bank to fail;

3.    The most trustworthy banks.

Kindly contact the author(s) on all questions and clarifications or/and to get access to a more comprehensive report/analysis/insight on the perception report and audit.

Click Here To Download Report


Martin Oluba N., Ph.D, DBA is the Founder/Chief Possibility Officer of Value Fronteira. He is equally a Professor of Economics & Finance at the SMC University, Switzerland; Professor of Economics, Monarch Business School and  Professor of International Administration and Global Economics, EUCLID (Euclid Intergovernmental University Framework)  


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