Mobile's New Frontier: Mobility, Performance and Engagement


Saturday, May 14, 2016 2.02PM / EIU

There is no question that mobile technology has changed the way we work in the last 10 years, enabling new patterns of work and reshaping the employee experience.

Inevitably, there is a clear link between mobile-first enterprise environments and employee engagement according to a recent report produced by The Economist Intelligence Unit, and sponsored by Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company.

This provides an opportunity for CIOs to improve performance via well-executed mobile strategies. So what type of mobile practices help support a collaborative employee experience? How can CIOs contribute to business performance by shaping the employee experience, and in so doing boost their organisation's business performance? 

Mobility, performance and engagement, a research answers that question. It examines the factors of the employee experience that contribute to workers' productivity, creativity, job satisfaction and loyalty to their employers, and identifies how mobile technology can be used to support those factors effectively. 

The report is based on a multinational survey of 1,865 employees in a range of industries and functions. Key findings of the research include:
·         Workers who consider their employers to be mobile technology 'pioneers' score themselves 16% higher for productivity than those who say their employer is bad at using mobile technology

·         They also score 18% higher for creativity, 23% for satisfaction and 21% for loyalty

·         CIOs seeking to improve employee productivity should focus their mobile strategies on enabling remote and flexible working
·         Those seeking to improve creativity should use mobile technology to support collaboration

The report offers CIOs guidance on how to define their mobile technology strategy in order to create a productive and engaging mobile working experience. 

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