Ready for Cashless, Know your Alternatives


  January 18, 2012



To all Zenith Bank Customers,


With reference to the CBN Cashless Policy which commenced in Lagos from January 1st 2012, we write to update you on the range of alternatives to ensure you make a seamless transition to the cashless environment.


Cheques and Drafts: These instruments will take on much greater importance under the cashless policy as they remain relevant options for moving sums within the CBN's stipulated limit.


Bills Payment on ATMs: You can do much more than just withdraw funds at our ATMs. You can pay bills and top up your airtime directly from your card. We have deployed thousands of ATMs nationwide to facilitate the cashless environment.


Point of Sale Terminals: Accept card payments at your business location or at the bank with POS terminals. Soon this will be the primary means of accepting payments for your goods and services from your customers, so the sooner you deploy one of these terminals, the better prepared you will be for the advent of cashless commerce.


Globalpay: Enable your customers pay you with their cards on your website with this payment gateway. It gives your business a global outlook and vastly expands your potential customer base.


Internet Banking: Zenith's Internet Banking virtually replicates the bank in a web browser. You can do via internet banking practically anything you can do in the banking hall and even more. Internet Banking supports all available interbank funds transfers.


Transfers: You can move money between banks with ease via a wide range of transfer options. Make multiple payments to 3rd parties in different banks with NEFT. Move large sums with RTGS. Give immediate value on inter-bank transfers via Zenith Instant Pay. No matter your need, there is a Zenith Bank transfer to meet it.


Zenith Visa and MasterCards: Cards will be the primary way of paying for goods and services in the cashless economy and are usable on POS terminals, ATMs and on the Internet. They come in Credit, Debit and Prepaid variants.


Corporate I-Bank: Corporate customers can carry out secure internet banking and payment transactions on this platform. You can make payments to accounts anywhere in the world, monitor trade transactions and administer payroll amongst others. It is most useful for paying salaries, vendors, suppliers and contractors.


We sincerely hope you find this information on electronic products/services useful in ensuring that your business continues to run efficiently while complying with the CBN cashless policy.


Information provided courtesy Zenith Bank Plc


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