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During the week, there was a flurry of economic data hinting on the current position of qualitative indicators, which hinge largely on the health of human endeavors.  Although, such indicators are backward looking in nature, however they serve as a barometer in measuring the effectiveness of policy over time.    

 The  National Bureau of  Statistics, Nigeria  published  the  Human  Developmental Indices for 2016,   the report  showed a drop in Gross National  Income (GNI)  from  0.43% in  2013 to 0.39% in 2016. At the same time pinpointing to dip in GNI as a result of the recession witnessed in 2016.

Moreover, the weakness in household consumption, dip in export revenue and the slack in private investment made the slump in GNI inevitable.  The survey carried out by the Bureau showed that 53.1% of Nigerians are considered to be poor as at the end of 2016.  

Fig 1:  Population Considered to be Poor

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Source: UNDP


OXFAM’s report on commitment to reducing inequality (CRI) for the year 2018, ranked Nigeria at the bottom.  Therefore, Nigeria is ranked 157 when it comes to tackling inequality. Even though government is aware of the growing inequality. Regardless, the lean expenditure by government on health, education and social protection is largely responsible for the nation being ranked at the bottom of the CRI index.

More worrisome is the lack of alignment between projects and plans as the existing social intervention program (SIP) have failed to stall the hemorrhage in social wellbeing.   

Holistically, the fragile recovery have come short in  denting poverty, evidently factors responsible for the weakness in qualitative indicators have become more accentuated than before.

Obviously,  Nigeria  is need of more income policies to Foster FDI  and  drive productivity so as to give  GNI the desperately needed bite. 

 In  the week ahead,  the  National  Bureau of  statistics, Nigeria (NBS)  will make  available the Consumer Price Indexes (CPI)  for  the  month  of  September 2018. A further strengthening in the concave is expected due to an upshot in food inflation coupled with rising Naira liquidity.               

Fig 2:  Treasury Bill Rate and Inflation

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Source: CBN

In contrast to the past, treasury bill rate largely hovered below inflation rate.  Currently, the treasury bill rate has shot past inflation underpinning the growing cost of managing liquidity coupled with the uptick in inflation expectation while convexity is a distant- off. Regardless, an uptick  in  treasury bill seems imminent.    


News Post:  Human Developmental Indices

Read the Full Report HERE


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Other Developments 

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Monday, October 15, 2018 

Cutix Plc will on this day be marked down by the NSE having declared a dividend of N0.20k 

The National Bureau of Statistics will on this day release the Automotive Gas Oil, Liquified Petroleum Gas, National Household Kerosene and Premium Motor Spirit  Price Watch for September 2018


Tuesday, October 16, 2018 

The National Bureau of Statistics will on this day release the Comsume Price Index and Inflation Report for September 2018


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The National Bureau of Statistics will on this day release the Selected Food Prices and Transport Fare Watch for September 2018 while  FirstBank of Nigeria will on this day hold a three-day Financial Technology (FinTech) summit titled The Future of Banking – the Role of AI and Big Data in Lagos.

Thursday, October 18, 2018           

PZ Cusson and Royal Exchange Plc, will on this day hold its Annual General Meeting in Abuja and Lagos respectively

The National Bureau of Statistics will on this day release the Labour Force Statistics Report vol 2 Q4 2017 – Q1 2018 while the Nigeria-South Africa Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Meeting will hold same day with theme The True Situation of Electric Power in Nigeria Today.

The AfricanWIT will on this day launch its project on African Women in Technology and Business in Lagos while NigeriaCom 2018 will hold same day with the theme Distribution strategies to capitalize on the potential of digital broadcasting in Lagos


Friday October 19, 2018 

The Nigerian Stock Exchange will on this day hold its Market Data Day 2018 with the Theme Digitalization, Disruption and Financial Inclusion in Lagos 

The Abuja Blockchain & AI Round-Table Conference 2018 will hold this day with the Theme BIG Tech For Small Business: How The Blockchain Technology in Lagos


Saturday October 20, 2018 

The National Bureau of Statistics will on this day release the Sectoral Distribution of Value Added Tax (Q2 2018) Report. 


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