DANGCEM lifts market into new high, NSEASI hits 43,000bpts


Friday, July 04 2014 3:30 PM / The Analyst


The equities market closed today on positive note, as NSE ASI appreciated by +0.81% to close at 43,031.81 basis points, compared with the +0.18% gain recorded previously. Its Year-to-Date (YTD) returns currently stands at +4.12%.

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Market Breadth (Look Up Market Data)

Market breadth closed positive as CAVERTON leads 34 gainers against 22 losers topped by  PORTPAINT at the end of today’s session- an unimproved performance when compared with previous outlook.

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Market Turnover

Market turnover closes negative as volume traded declined by -50.52% against +46.77%  uptick recorded in previous session. TRANSCORPGUARANTY and FIDELITYBK were the most active to boost market turnover. GUARANTY and DANGCEM top market value list.

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Sectoral Indices

NSE Banking records +0.76% to emerge the most supportive sectoral performance among others while NSE ASEM is the most hit with 0.00% flat position recorded today

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Volume Shockers

PHARMDEKO leads the list of active stocks that record impressive volume spike at the end of today’s session.


Other Volume Spikes

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