Why Invest in FAAM Money Market Fund?


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A money market fund is an open-ended mutual fund that invests in short-term debt securities characterized by short maturities and minimal risk. They are one of the investments with the lowest risk. Money market funds offer investors the opportunity to invest in a variety of short-term money market instruments. The fund balances income generation with capital preservation by adopting conservative investment strategies. 
Similar to your deposit or savings accounts at the bank, money market funds take your money and invest it. Then, they pay a portion of their earnings to you in the form of dividends. Money market funds usually pay a quarterly/monthly dividend, but some alternatives also exist. 


What is FAAM MMF?

The First Ally Asset Management Money Market Fund (FAAM MMF) offers a wide range of investors the opportunity to invest in varieties of short-term money market instruments such as Government Treasury Bills, Commercial Papers, Fixed deposit placement, Banker’s Acceptance and other short term notes. The fund aims to generate income as well as preserve investors principal by investing in instruments approved by the Securities & Exchange Commission (‘’SEC’’ or ‘’the Commission’’). 

FAAM MMF is an attractive option for investors seeking to preserve their capital and earn above average returns. The fund is aimed at investors who may be interested in fixed deposit placement or hybrid current/savings account but seek to achieve higher returns on their investment. It is targeted at investors with low risk appetite and investors seeking liquidity & steady income streams.


Fund Summary



Fund Type

Nigeria Money Market Fund

Base Currency

Naira (N)

Minimum Investment


Minimum Holding Period

90 days*

Redemption Period

Within 5 working days


Radix Trustees Ltd



Auditors to the Fund

Ernst & Young



Benefit of Investing in FAAM MMF

  • Affordable:   With as low N5,000, you have access to FAAM MMF

  • Liquidity: FAAM MMF invests in instruments that are close to cash. It is therefore a highly liquid and transparent form of investment that will be listed on FMDQ OTC Securities Exchange. The investors can buy into and sell them with comparative ease.

  • Principal Investment is protected: FAAM MMF is transparently structured and backed by reputable organizations with adequate regulatory supervision.

  • Flexibility: The Fund also offers an opportunity to subscribe to units on behalf of and in the name of minors. When such minors reach legal maturity (i.e. 18 years) they can either continue with the investment or redeem all or some of the Units held in their name

  • Diversification: Investment in a diversified pool of investment grade money market instruments. 

  • Access to professionally investment management: The company hires experienced money managers who have many resources and work full time on your behalf. The Fund is transparently structured and backed by reputable organizations with adequate regulatory supervision.



FAAM Versus Other Instruments



Other Instruments (Bonds, Stocks etc.) 

Competitive Returns

Given  frequent scrutiny by the rating agency, The fund selects quality yielding securities, The Fund will deliver superior returns when compared to other instruments like saving and fixed deposits

The returns on longer dated instruments are more exposed to market uncertainties. Principal amounts can easily be adversely affected by inflation and unstable economic fundamentals.


Investment in FAAM MMF can be sold anytime, thereby providing liquidity as well as, stable and regular income. The fund will also be made public by listing on the FMDQ platform

Market forces act and interact to determine liquidity in the system. Market liquidity for these instruments is currently influenced by foreign capital flow.



FAAM MMF allows you to purchase as much or as little as you want, and offer a variety of purchase plans. After the minimum holding period, the Fund allows easy entry and exit.

It requires huge initial capital outlay, government bonds are sold in huge lots and may have to be held to maturity to avoid discount sales.



Subscription ends today. Hurry now and sign up!


For more information about the Fund or to invest in the fund, please visit https://first-allyasset.com/money-market-fund/ or email fammf@first-ally.com. 


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