FITC Conference: How COVID-19 Has Led to Innovation in Employee Engagement


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Despite the toll it has had on companies, the Covid-19 pandemic has also been responsible for innovations in how people work and relate to one another.

Mr. Babatunde Fajemirokun, the Managing Director/CEO of Aiico Insurance made this point as a keynote speaker at the Employee Engagement and Experience Conference organized by the Financial Institutions Training Centre (FITC). 

He observed that engaging and enabling human capital was one of the top three concerns that keep CEOs awake at night. He described employee experience as a situation where companies and their people work together to create personalized, authentic experiences that ignite passion for improved company performance. 

Highlighting some of the challenges that has inhibited effective engagement in the work place, he said that the new normal has posed the challenge of managing remote workers, leading to increased mental and wellness concerns, a perceived widened gap between management and employees,  limited learning and development opportunities for staff. 

Another challenge he mentioned was the economic and social instability which he explained has increased the incidence of insecurity in the workplace, the rising cost of living, the depreciating value of the local currency, and the deficiency in social infrastructure. He also mentioned that the global competition for talent especially in developed countries was a major challenge in the effective engagement of the workforce.  

He added that research has shown that engaged employees' impact is enormous, but the percentage of the disengaged has posed a significant challenge.  

According to Fajemirokun, the World Gallup Poll reported that only 15% of employees were engaged globally.

To improve employee engagement, Fajemirokun proposed that a good way to start would be to design an effective experience-based interface based on the employee's lifecycle, leveraging on seven (7) key components. 

The first was to enable leadership. He said that executive management and leadership must set the tone at the top by creating an enabling culture and provide direction to employees. He also mentioned communication as a component stating that effective communication could serve as a building block for creating a holistic work environment. 

The work environment and the HR technology were other components mentioned. According to Fajemirokun, a conducive and enabling environment was a major factor in the employee experience. Leveraging on technology to improve experience across employee lifecycles has been reported to be integral to driving sustainable engagement.  

Additional  components mentioned were Recognition, Health and Wellness, and Learning and Development.  

Chizor Malize,  Chief Executive Officer FITC, delivering her opening address said that it was important to understand  how to effectively manage the balance between employee experience and adopt innovations to ensure a viable future for organizations. 

The conference also featured panel sessions with seasoned experts, that discussed the following topics:

  1. The Future of Work: Achieving Employee Engagement and Experience 
  2. Building an Agile Workforce in a Digital Environment 
  3. Employee Engagement; Strategies for Business Growth 
  4. Implementing Employee Assistance Programmes in the New Workplace  

The event provided an opportunity for participants to network, while exhibitors had the chance to showcase their products and services. 

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 Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

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