Ways to Use Prepaid Mastercards and Check Balance


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With prepaid cards, it is possible to purchase goods and services. If you do not have bank accounts, you can use this card to carry money safely. Mastercard prepaid cards allow you to travel without any fear. Fortunately, these cards are accepted everywhere. You can obtain these cards without any bank account or credit check. It is easy to recover money even after losing your card. Mastercard is a reliable brand for U.S. cardholders to detect identity theft and resolve it.


Check Balance of Mastercard

These cards allow you to earn rewards for your family, get a discount at the fuel station, and save money on groceries. Some prepaid cards require you to follow a special activation procedure. After activating a card, you have to check its balance. Remember, a reliable portal is necessary for the protection of your private information. It is possible with Prepaid Card Status. The official website of PrepaidCardStatus helps you to access information on your card. 

A prepaid card is issued with a fixed balance. After depleting the entire balance, you have to recharge this card ore discard it. For this reason, track the balance of your card. PrepaidCardStatus portal allows you to check balance with your security code and card number. Here are some best ways to use prepaid cards:


Use Card for Cash, Services, and Goods

You must have sufficient money in your card before using it. For this reason, ensure the current balance of your card with PrepaidCardStatus portal. It is an excellent way to avoid embarrassing situations. 

Moreover, you have to pay a monthly maintenance fee for your card. Sometimes, you have to pay a fee for checking balance. Some prepaid card issuers facilitate their customers with an app, website, or a toll-free number to check remaining balance. 

For shopping, a prepaid card works like credit cards. It helps you to buy products at stores, pay bills, and shop online. You can not exceed the fixed amount of your card. If you want to secure your confidential information, the prepaid card can be a great choice. These cards are not associated with social security numbers. In this situation, hackers can not steal your information. With a prepaid card, you can make payments at petrol pumps. Make sure to check with the retailer before using a prepaid card.


ATM Withdrawal

Numerous prepaid cards allow you to withdraw cash from ATMs. For this reason, you will need a PIN (personal identification number). In the absence of PIN, you may not be able to use this card in ATMs. Sometimes, you have to pay service charges for using ATMs.


Make Reservations

If you have a prepaid credit card, you can use this card to make reservations. Make sure to check the balance of your card before hitting an expensive purchase. A regular prepaid card may help you to rent a car. Numerous companies permit you to reserve almost 4 to 6 weeks in advance with prepaid cards.

Some companies ask for a credit check before accepting payments via prepaid cards. Moreover, you may expect a deposit between $100 and $500. This deposit is necessary to cover the incidental or additional cost. The rental agency may ask for other documents, such as insurance proof, personal references, utility bills, and paycheck stubs. Most hotels allow you to pre-book a room with prepaid cards. You have to deposit a cover for extra charges and cover the cost of the room.


Airline Tickets

Prepaid credit cards make it easy for you to buy airline tickets. These cards work like regular credit cards. Unlike rental cars or hotels, there is no need to pay extra money. Remember, airlines may require you to buy a ticket almost six days before your departure.


Reloading a Prepaid Card

Numerous prepaid cards come with routing numbers and accounts. For this reason, you can get your paycheck via these cards. These cards may work like bank accounts. It is an effective way to recharge your card. Feel free to get cards with lower fees and excellent benefits. 

You can use these cards to transfer money from bank accounts. Banks can charge for these transactions. Numerous prepaid cards allow you to add money through PayPal. To get a PayPal account, you will need your phone number, home address, and email address.


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